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Ensuring The Safety Of Your Electricity In Cases Of Flooding
28 April 2022

Tips for Safe Electricity Before, During, and After Floods


Did you know? The dangers of electrocution during flooding may cause fatal risks, such as permanent injury and even death. This is caused by water, which is a natural conductor of electricity and may electrocute anyone within its reach. Concerns of electrocution accidents during flood season need to be anticipated to avoid any dangers of death.


If you live in a location prone to flooding, here are some tips that you can use to keep your electric appliances safe, before, during, and after flooding.


Before The Flood


If you live in a location prone to flooding, here are some ways you can minimize the risks during the rainy season. One of the ways is to shut down all the power sources in your home using a circuit breaker before the water levels rise.


First, shut down individual circuit breakers in each area of your home. Then, shut down the main circuit breaker. Afterward, unplug all electronic appliances that are still connected to the terminal and move them to higher ground inside your house to avoid them getting submerged in the water when floods start to rise.


During The Flood


If your house is submerged in flood waters, make sure to follow the following safety steps to reduce the risks of electrocution:


  1. Do not touch any electric appliances when standing in water.
  2. Do not touch any electric appliances that have been submerged in water.
  3. Do not enter areas where the water levels have passed the electric socket.
  4. Beware of areas where you might see cables soaked in water.
  5. If you need to evacuate, beware of dropped electrical connections as they may pose a risk of electrocution. Make sure to let others around you know to not touch it.


After The Flood


Even though the flood is over, don’t turn the electric appliances back on straight away. Areas that have recently been flooded still have the risks of electrocution to be aware of.


The first step to take once the flood recedes is to clean the entire house until it is dry. If any electric sockets were submerged during the flood, remove the appliance from the wall and wipe until all components are dry. If any areas are wet even in the slightest, it may still pose a risk of electrocution.


Aside from that, to ensure safety, you may need to call an electric technician by contacting the numbers provided by PLN to check any electrical appliances at home to detect any possible defects.


If all-electric components have dried up and you have ensured your house is safe, you may turn everything back on through the safety switch inside the MCB box.


Water and electricity are a lethal combination. There have been countless cases of death and fatal accidents caused by short circuits or electrocution through the water. If you live in an area prone to flooding, you have to stay alert when the rainy season comes.


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