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5 Brilliant Ideas to Install Router Cable at Home
19 April 2022

Tips for Installing Router Cables to Keep it Looking Neat


In today's digital era, Wi-Fi router is commonly found in all households. Unfortunately, router cables often creates a mess. In addition, cables can also trigger dust build up because of its position resulting difficulty in cleaning. Therefore, you may need some inspiration for ideas to wire up a Wi-Fi router without ruining the interior appearance of your home. The following are some smart tips for installing a router cable that you can use as an example.


1. Put in a closed rattan basket

Outdoor locations are the best places to put your Wi-Fi router to avoid blocked signals. But unfortunately, a location like this is also the most vulnerable to make the appearance of the house look messy. Well, you can outsmart it by putting the Wi-Fi router in a closed rattan basket to make it look like a decoration. Make sure the rattanbasket you are using has a few open gaps for cable lines and heat vents.


2. Put it inside a Cabinet

Cabinets are one of the most common pieces of furniture used by many people to place their Wi-Fi router to make it look neat. You can make a path for the router cables in a hidden place like the back of a cabinet and to prevent cables from dangling, attach them using cable clips and tape them along the edge of the cabinet.


3. Put it on the sidelines of a Bookshelf

If you don't have enough space in your cabinet, you can put a Wi-Fi router between bookshelves. Books lined along the shelves can hide the router's cable path and gives a natural look. In addition, because of the gaps between books, bookshelves are also the perfect place for routers to transmit signals and prevent heat build-up without making it look cluttered.


4. Install the cable organizer box

One other way to organize router cables is to mount them on the wall using a cable organizer box. The good news, cable organizer boxes are available in various sizes, designs, and colors that can be adapted to the interior appearance of your home. In addition, plenty cable organizer box has unique design which can also be used as a decoration that will beautify and add a statement to the room.


5. Under the foot of the table

In addition to cabinets, tables are other furniture that you can use to place your Wi-Fi router. Not only does it have an open shape and is ideal for transmitting internet signals only, you can also use the table legs as a great place to hide and attach the router's cable path using cable clips or cable ducts that are attached to a wall surface.


Those are some smart router cabling tips that you can make a solution for managing cables to keep them organized. No more dangling cables at your home.


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