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How To Calculate The Power Capacity In Your Home
03 January 2022

Do you know how to find out how much power installed in your home? Well, most people usually do not understand the codes on the kWh installed at home. Then, how do you calculate it?


To know the capacity of the kWh meter in each home is different. There are two types of kWh meters used at home, a postpaid kWh and prepaid kWh. To know further on each type of kWh, we’ll discuss it further on this article.


The Types of kWh Cables And Knowing The Power Capacity Of Your Home!


Postpaid kWh


PLN itself has provided a standard kWh meter power for each house, starting from 450 KVA, 900 KVA, 1300 KVA and 2200 KVA. There are several class and power codes written on the kWh cover for postpaid kWh. The following image is an example of a postpaid kWh:


kWh Pascabayar

Image source : https://hpjadoel.com


The picture is an example of a postpaid kWh meter that says the kWh power label is R1/450. The kWh is a group R1 with a power capacity of 450 watts/VA.


The government has also regulated it in the Energy and Mineral Resources Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Year 2016 No. 28 that the home electricity tariff groups are divided into 13, including:


No          Group                   Consumer                                          Power                                 Rate

1             Tarif R-1              Rumah tangga kecil                        900 VA                                Rp. 1.352/kWh

2             Tarif R-1              Rumah tangga kecil                        1.300 VA                             Rp. 1.444,70/kWh

3             Tarif R-1              Rumah tangga kecil                        2.200 VA                             Rp. 1.444,70/kWh

4             Tarif R-2              Rumah tangga menengah             3.500 - 5.500 VA               Rp. 1.444,70/kWh

5             Tarif R-3              Rumah tangga besar                      > 6.600 VA                         Rp. 1.444,70/kWh

6             Tarif B-2              Bisnis menengah                             6.600 VA - 200 kVA          Rp. 1.444,70/kWh

7             Tarif B-3              Bisnis besar                                      200 kVA                              Rp. 1.444,70/kWh

8             Tarif I-3                industri menengah                          200 kVA                              Rp. 1.114,74/kWh

9             Tarif I-4                Industri besar                                   30.000 kVA                        Rp. 996,74/kWh

10           Tarif P-1               Kantor pemerintah sedang           6.600 VA - 200 kVA          Rp. 1.444,70/kWh

11           Tarif P-2               Kantor pemerintah besar              > 200 kVA                           Rp. 1.114,70/kWh

12           Tarif P-3               Penerangan jalan umum                                                           Rp. 1.444,70/kWh

13           Tarif L                   Layanan khusus                                                                           Rp. 1.664,52/kWh


Source: https://prospeku.com


Prepaid kWh


Prepaid kWh or also known as the kWh token. To find out the power attached to the token, there are several things you should know. Like the CL code listed on the MCB installed on the kWh meter.

The code contains information about how much power is installed on the token you have. The following is the meaning of the CL code from the MCB that is attached to your house token:

  1. CL2= 450 kVA
  2. CL4= 900 kVA
  3. CL6= 1300 kVA
  4. CL10= 2200 kVA
  5. CL16= 3500 kVA

kVA, or the abbreviation of Kilo Volt Ampere, states the unit of power and its active power. There is another way to calculate manually using the CL code on your house token by multiplying the CL code by the base Power (220 kVA). As an example :


kWh Prabayar

Image source: berilmu.com


The codes or letters on the token each has its own meaning. This meaning provides information on how much power is installed in the house token. If, taking example from the image above, the explanation are as follows:


The known code, CL6, which means 6 A (Amperes) and the number 230/400V 50Hz which means voltage 220 V (Volts). To calculate the electric power of your home token, is to multiply the 6 A electric current by the 220 Volt voltage.


Electrical power -> 6A x 220 V = 1320 VA


Making the token attached to your home's kWh is 1300 VA. From the calculation above, it can be rounded to make it easier to inform.


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