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5 Electrical Appliances with the Most Powerful Electrical Power
29 December 2023

5 Electronic Devices that Consume the Most Electricity at Home


In this modern era, households cannot be separated from electrical appliances to support our daily convenience. However, some people often forget that each electronic device has different power requirements, and understanding the energy consumption of these appliances is essential to manage electricity usage efficiently.


Below are some electrical appliances that have uses the most electrical power. Let's check them out!


1. Washing Machine


Washing machines are one of the essential household equipment. Depending on the type of washing machine used, the electricity it consumes ranges from 250-300 watts each time it is operated, and this excludes the use of the dryer.


If your washing machine is equipped with a water heater feature, the electricity required can be up to 2,250 watts. To avoid excessive electricity consumption, you should not use the washing machine beyond the recommended washing load capacity. Another alternative to drying clothes is to dry them in the sun.


2. Air Conditioner (AC)



Air conditioning equipment also falls into the category of high-powered electrical equipment. Air conditioners come in different types and capacities, but they can generally reach thousands of watts of power. Typically, the average power used by a standard type of AC with a capacity of 1 PK is around 750-800 Watts. Meanwhile, a standard 1/2 PK AC has an average power of around 350-400 Watts.


3. Refrigerator


A refrigerator is an electrical appliance that works continuously without stopping. Refrigerator power varies depending on the size, model, and additional features. In general, household refrigerators have electricity consumption ranging from 100 to 250 watts. Over a period of one day, the power used by a refrigerator can reach between 1 to 2 kilowatt hours (kWh). Generally, you can monitor the electric power usage of the refrigerator at home by using an electric power meter.


Despite its importance, the refrigerator is by far the most power-consuming device in the home, consuming about a third of the total electrical energy used by a typical household.


4. Electric Oven


An electric oven is quite an essential piece of equipment for those who love cooking. Ovens have varying power depending on the type. In general, electric ovens require power exceeding 1,000 watts. Many people make the mistake of opening and closing the oven door to check whether the food is fully cooked or not, but this habit can increase your electricity consumption.


Ensure that the oven operates efficiently by keeping the door closed during processing. Also, avoid unnecessary energy waste by adjusting the size of the container used when using the oven.


5. Water Pump


Homes equipped with electronic devices such as water pumps generally do not rely on water supply from the PDAM, but instead draw water directly from the well. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the frequency of using the water pump by storing water in a large tub as a daily supply. In general, water pump machines usually require between 250 to 500 watts of power when operating under stable conditions. However, when it is in the process to start pumping water, the power used can increase up to 900 watts.


In managing energy consumption in a household, understanding the power of electrical appliances is essential. The appliances above are some of the most powerful appliances. By being aware of the power consumption of these appliances, you can take steps to reduce your electricity usage and make more efficient choices, both for the environment and your family's finances.

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