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6 Home Electrical Installation Equipment and Their Functions
24 November 2022

6 Equipment for Electrical Installation and Their Functions


Electrical installation equipment is an important part in the electrical system to connect your home to a power source. Without adequate electrical installation equipment, it is impossible for your home to have electricity. In this article, we will review several types of electrical installation equipment that are commonly used for home electrical systems.


1. Power Cable

Power cables or electrical wires are conductors which functions to carry electric current from circuits to the electronic devices that you use. Electrical cables consist of a cable core which is usually made of metal, copper, or aluminum, while the outer part is protected by a jacket layer called an insulator which is useful for protecting the cable from various external elements that can damage it. Electrical cables can be installed in various places, can be in the attic, underground, behind a wall, or just left exposed. However, each installation location should use different types for safety reasons.


2. Cable Connector

In order to the cable which carries the electric current is not easily separated from the electronic device you are using, you need a cable connector which has functions to transmit power and signals, both from the circuit to the device and from device to device. Cable connectors usually consist of two types, namely jacks and plugs.


3. Socket

Sockets are often also called as power sockets. This tool helps to transmit power from a series of circuits to the power cord, so that later this power can be used to operate electronic devices in your home. If you notice, the socket has two small holes. Well, this socket is useful for transmitting electric current when you plug the cable into it.


4. Switch

In the electrical system, the switch is an important component that can disconnect or connect the flow of electricity in a circuit. An easy example that are commonly found in your house is a light switch. These switches helps to turn on or off the power usage conveniently and instantly at the touch of your hand which also helps in saving energy and your household bills.


5. MCB

MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) is a safety device which have functions to cut off all electricity in your home circuit when there is a short circuit or power failure. When the MCB detects a failure electrical system in your home, this tool will immediately cut off the electricity which distributed from the PLN or electricity substation. This equipment gives security and safety from various kinds of electrical risks that may cause electric shock or fire.


6. Terminals

The terminal is a portable extension cable in a home electrical installation system that serves to your double or triple your socket requirements. For example, when you need to operate three or four electronic devices at once but only one socket is available, then you can use the terminal. Due to its portable form, the terminal can be detached or carried around for your convenience.


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