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Understanding The Function of MCBs and Its Types
23 May 2022

Get to Know the MCB function and Its Types


MCB, or short for Miniature Circuit Breaker, is a safety device that replaces a fuse complete with a good control system. MCB operates as an automatic switch that is able to cut off electricity in cases of short circuits or overcurrent flowing in your home circuit. Currently, there are many types of MCB available that can be used in all sorts of installations, including domestic, commercial and industrial as a protection device for electrical systems.


Before getting to know the types further, here’s what you need to know about MCB and its functions.


What is MCB?


As mentioned previously, MCB is short for Miniature Circuit Breaker. This device functions as an automatic switch whose role is to cut off electricity in the circuit of your home to protect and prevent damages on electrical components. An MCB’s main role is to provide protection from failing electrical systems, those caused by short circuits or current jolts.


Usually, the protection mentioned can be detected by MCBs using a separate process. In cases of short circuits, MCBs provide protection via tripping coils through an electromagnetic operation. However in cases of current jolts caused by overload, MCBs will provide protection via bimetal strip through thermal operation.



What Are The Types of MCB?


There are various types of MCBs you can find in the market, type B, C, D, K and Z. However, the 3 main types most commonly used are type B, C and D. Each of these MCBs are designed to be more responsive towards current jolts in different settings. For more clarity, let’s look further into the different types of MCB.


1. Type B

MCB type B is a circuit breaker created to cut off electricity automatically when currents reach 3-5 more times than the recommended load. This type is a common type of MCB that is the most sensitive and most common for domestic and small-scale commercial use, where the current jolts are relatively low.


2. Type C

MCB type C is used in a much larger electrical system, such as a commercial and industrial environment where each jolt is considered relatively high. This type is created to cut off electricity automatically when currents reach 5-10 more times than the recommended load.


3. Type D

MCB type D is the type that is the least sensitive, where they are only active when the currents reach up to 10-20 times more than the recommended load. This type of MCB is created for commercial appliances and heavy load industrial work that experience an extremely high current jolt, such as welding machines, x-ray machines, large machineries, and many more.


4. Type K

MCB type K will change its trip when the current jolt reaches 8-12 times more than the recommended load. This type of MCB is a good choice for all sorts of machinery.


5. Type Z

MCB type Z has a high level of sensitivity, which can immediately trip when current jolts reach 2-3 times higher than the recommended load. It is considered a special type of MCB and is usually only used for certain appliances that are prone to short circuits, such as semiconductors.


MCB usage is vital for the efficiency and safety of your electrical systems, for domestic, commercial or even industrial use. With the range of electronic appliances connected to the electric circuit–especially industrial appliances where many machineries produce a heavy load–surely the presence of MCBs are much needed as a protectant to prevent damages and accidents.


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