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Understanding The Different Colors of Car Cables And Their Functions
26 April 2022

Getting to Know Single Color and Two Color Cables and Their Functions

Speaking of cars, it's not just about engines, tires, or wheels. The cables are crucial components in getting the electronics in the car to work according to their function. It is also important to note that the power cord in a car has a variety of colors and different functions. In general, the cable serves to conduct electric current and to connect one part to another.


Cables With Single Color And Its Functions


Below are the different types of car cables and their functions:


  1. B: Black. A black cable's function is starting and ground.
  1. W: White. A white cable functions as a conductor of current in the charging system.
  1. R: Red. A red cable has a function relaying electric currents to lighting systems.
  1. Y: Yellow. A yellow cable has a function for instrument panels.
  1. BR: Brown. A brown cable serves as the ECU signal cable
  1. G: Green. A green cable serves as the ECU sensor cable.
  1. BL: Blue.  A blue cable serves other electrical needs.
  1. LG: Light Green. A light green cable serves other electrical needs.
  1. O: Orange. An orange cable serves other electrical needs.
  1. GR: Grey. A grey cable serves other electrical needs.
  1. P: Pink. A pink cable serves other electrical needs.
  1. SB: Sky Blue. A sky blue cable works in other electrical systems.
  1. V: Violet. A violet cable works in other electrical systems.
  1. TL: Silver. A silver cable works in other electrical systems.
  1. PU: Purple. A purpler cable works in other electrical systems.


Two-Color Cables And Their Functions


In accordance to its name, this type of cable has two colors in one cable. There are only 4 types of the following cables, as follows:


  1. RB: Red Black. A red cable with black stripes.
  2. LW: Blue White. A blue cable with white stripes.
  3. GB: Green Black. A green cable with black stripes.
  4. WR: White Red. A white cable with red stripes.


A few of the automotive cables mentioned above is only the majority of the commonly used cables in low voltage installations for cars and motorcycles. Wilson Cables is one of the company producing automotive cables in accordance to the JIS, JASO, HES standard and also aligned with the needs of all automotive factories in Indonesia. As a producer of licensed cables, we commit to always produce electric cables of the best quality with pure copper to fulfill all your electrical needs.


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