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5 Reasons Why You Should Only Use Electric Cables With SNI
27 April 2022

SNI (Standar Nasional Indonesia / Indonesian National Standard) is the official standard used in Indonesia to describe the requirements that must be taken or fulfilled by a company to be certified. This standard focuses on quality management systems whose function is to ensure that products or services sold and circulated in the market meet the appropriate qualifications and eligibility to be consumed safely by consumers. It is important to note that SNI certification must be owned by a range of products circulated in Indonesia so that they can be sold legally, starting from food, drinks, chemical substances, transport, electrical systems, and many more.


One of the categories of electrical systems requiring the SNI label is electrical cables. You may wonder what is the benefit of having such labels on electrical cables. Here’s what you need to know why the SNI label carries so much importance.


Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Use SNI Cables


1. Guaranteed quality standards

One of the criteria for cables with the SNI label is a quality management system based on standards set by the government. As a result of this standardization, high-quality cable products that are produced can consistently meet the determined specifications and feasibility. Therefore, customers can also expect that the cables bought are guaranteed and of superior quality.


2. A sense of security

Did you know? SNI labels must be used on commercial elements that are closely related to state security, public interest, and preservation of environmental functions. Buying an electric cable with an SNI label can increase your confidence in the product because there is a sense of security and comfort that arises when you use it.


3. Reducing risks of electric dangers

Electric cables without SNI labels may be one of the causes of fires breaking out. This is due to low-quality cables made carelessly without strict supervision being more prone to short circuits and thus causing a variety of dangers such as electrocution and fires.

Therefore, to prevent and minimize these hazards, PT. PLN (Persero) also urges consumers to always use cables labeled with SNI for every electrical installation.


4. Lengthy licensing process

SNI is not the easiest to attain. To be able to obtain and maintain this certification, there are many efforts needed by a company, ranging from strict standards that must be followed, complicated process stages, and costly expenses. This is because the SNI certification aims to ensure that the cable products you use have advantages that are focused on improving performance to ensure safety and customer satisfaction.


5. Saving costs in the long run

One of the factors that cause a lot of people to buy non-SNI cables is their relatively cheap prices. However, if you see the big picture in terms of safety and longevity, cables without SNI labels may cause a much larger loss in the long run since they may be damaged more easily and prone to causing fires. This is, of course, different from SNI cables with its guaranteed quality, even though it may be more costly, its longevity and superiority are a no brainer.


The SNI certification is certainly not made without a purpose. Based on the strict rules and standards set by the government, purchasing an SNI-labeled cable allows you to always receive a product with high-quality components that you can trust with its reliable and well-established quality management system.


Wilson Cables provides a range of quality electric cables for any of your electrical needs. Our products are SNI-certified with ISO 9001:2015. Quality cables undoubtedly produce electrical power to the engine in a powerful manner. For that, you can trust Wilson Cables which provides the best electrical cables.


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