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Let’s Find Out the Reason Why the Mcb Often Goes Down and How to Solve It!
17 March 2023

5 reasons why MCB drops frequently and How to Overcome Them


Have you ever had a situation where the lights in your house suddenly went out? Apparently, one of the reasons is that the MCB suddenly drops. This, of course very inconvenient to you when you need electricity to support your work or other activities.


For those of you who don't know, MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) is one of the important components in electricity which has a function to protect the electrical system from impairment and fire due to excessive electric current or electric short circuit. When there is damage to the electrical system at home, the MCB will go down automatically. The following are some of the reasons why the electric MCB often goes down and how to overcome them.


1. Excessive electrical load


The main cause of the MCB in your home often going down is an electrical load that is too large. This extreme electrical load can come from excessive use of electric tools. In this case, the MCB will protect the electrical system in your home by cutting off the electricity when the electrical load exceeds the capacity of the MCB.


For example, when you turn on several electrical devices at the same time, such as air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators and washing machines, an electrical load that is too large will cause the MCB to frequently drop. When you are in a situation like this, you can overcome it by making sure the electrical load used does not exceed the capacity of the MCB. You can also calculate the total power needed by the electric device to be used, then select the MCB according to your needs.


2. The size of the power cord you are using is too small


In addition to an electrical load that is too large, the size of the power cable that is too small and does not match the load capacity can also cause the MCB in your home to frequently drop. Too small in a size can experience high resistance and cause overheating of the power cord. This can cause the MCB to catch fire or cut off the power supply immediately to prevent a fire.


If you are faced with this situation, you can overcome it by making sure the size of the power cable is in accordance with the electrical load used. In addition, you need to pay attention not to use a power cord that is too small.


3. Electric short circuit


Short circuit electrical short circuit (short circuit) is one of the problems that often occurs both in homes and other buildings. Short circuit itself can occur due to several factors, such as a cable that is peeled off or exposed to water. This can cause excessive electric current and trigger the MCB to cut off the electricity immediately.


The way to deal with this electrical short circuit is to make sure your electrical installation is properly installed and that no wires have been peeled off or exposed to water. If you experience a short circuit problem, immediately turn off the electricity and fix the problem installation point.


4. Interference from the outside


External disturbances in this case can come from lightning or disturbances in the electrical system outside your building or home which can cause the MCB to frequently go down. This can happen because the power supply is cut off due to outside interference. If you experience this problem, the first thing to do is make sure the electrical installation is properly installed and equipped with additional security and uses electrical equipment according to available standards.


5. Damage to the MCB


Lastly, it's not always that electric MCBs often go down due to external problems. It is possible that the electric MCB often goes down at your place because the MCB is damaged. A damaged MCB can cause unstable electricity and can cut off electricity.


The fix, you can check the MCB cable at your place, is it still in good condition or is it time to replace it. In addition, if there is damage to the MCB on the KWH Meter, then you need to call the PLN to replace the damaged MCB or simply repair the MCB at your place.


So, those are some explanations about the causes of electrical MCBs that often go down along with how to overcome them. Don't forget to check your MCB regularly to avoid various electrical problems that might occur at your place.


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