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Which One is Better, Cable or Wireless CCTV?
24 March 2023

Wired or Wireless CCTV? Which One Best to Use?


Currently, it is a common practice to install closed circuit television (CCTV) to improve security at home, offices or other public places. CCTV is useful for monitoring all activities that occur in a place. In fact, even in dark places or even in low light areas, CCTV can still work in monitoring every activity that happens.


But did you know that currently there are two types of CCTV available, namely wired CCTV and wireless CCTV. Before buying either security system, you need to know the differences between these two types of CCTV. Here are some explanations.


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Difference between Cable and Wireless CCTV


As you know, wired and wireless CCTV are both devices used to monitor security or activity in a certain area. However, these two devices still have differences, including:


  • CCTV connection

The basic difference that you can find from these two types of CCTV, is the connection. Wired CCTV definitely uses a cable to connect the camera to the monitor, while wireless CCTV will use a wireless signal to send data to the monitor.


  • CCTV installation fee

When you use wired CCTV, the cost may be cheaper than wireless CCTV. This can happen because wireless CCTV uses more sophisticated wireless technology than wired CCTV. However, for wired CCTV there is a potential to purchase additional cables if needed, which will indirectly increase the cost of installation.


  • CCTV installation

Furthermore, installation on cable CCTV can be more complicated because it requires cables to install. Meanwhile, wireless CCTV is easier to install because it doesn't require cables which makes installation more complicated during installation.


  • Security

In terms of security, wired CCTV is believed to be safer because it is not susceptible to interferences or hackers.


  • Distance

Cable CCTV has a limited range depending on the length of the cable you use, while wireless CCTV can have a wider range depending on the type and technology that is tailored to your needs.


  • Video quality

Wired CCTV cameras have higher video quality than wireless CCTV cameras because they are not affected by potential signal interferences.


  • Mobility

Wireless CCTV cameras are easier to move and place in different places without the need to change cables.


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So, which one is better?


When talking about which CCTV device is better, then you can adjust according to which area the CCTV will be installed. In addition, there are several factors that you need to pay attention to, such as:


  • CCTV installation fee

You need to pay attention to the budget you have. Even though the total cost of purchasing and installing wired CCTV cameras is higher than wireless CCTV, maintenance in the future will be easier than wireless CCTV which requires regular battery replacement at a fairly expensive price.


  • Pay attention to the distance from the CCTV installation

If the area to be monitored has a considerable distance from the monitor, then wireless CCTV may be more suitable for you to use. Wireless CCTV is more suitable because it has a wider range. However, if the distance is relatively close, cable CCTV can be a more practical option.


  • CCTV Mobility

If CCTV cameras need to be moved or placed in different locations on a regular basis, then wireless CCTV will be more practical and easier because you don't have to reinstall cables like wired CCTV.


  • CCTV video quality

Wired CCTV cameras tend to have better video quality because they are not affected by signal interference. However, today's wireless CCTV technology is also quite advanced so that the video quality can be quite good.


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In the end, wired and wireless CCTV have their advantages and disadvantages. You just have to choose which CCTV is suitable for your place according to your needs. You can consider the cost of installation, the distance, and the quality of the video produced by each CCTV.


So, if you choose to use cable CCTV, you need to make sure to choose a high-quality CCTV cable. We can be your choice in finding the best quality CCTV cables. Our CCTV cables have been specifically designed to meet the highest standards of cable quality and durability. Contact us immediately for more information about Wilson Cables CCTV cable products.


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