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Avoid These Types of Electricity Violations
05 May 2023

Types of Electricity Violations You Need to Avoid


The consumption of electrical energy in the world, especially in Indonesia, has increased every year, due to the fact that technological developments have indirectly contributed to the increasing demand for electricity for electronic devices at home and in public places.


With the increasing need for electrical energy, it will automatically affect expenses from a financial perspective, because to get electrical energy we need to spend some money so we can use electricity for our daily needs.


There are many ways to reduce these expenses, including saving electricity usage by turning off electronic devices that are not in use. On the other hand, there are some individuals who are looking for loopholes in order to minimize these expenses in ways that are not justified technically or legally, including stealing electricity.


Stealing electricity is one of the most common violations that we encounter in several locations in Indonesia, both in big and small cities. It turns out that there are several other violations that have the potential to be committed, either intentionally or unintentionally. Quoted from the official PLN page, customers who commit electricity violations will be dealt with by the Electricity Use Control Team (P2TL), with a maximum criminal sanction of 7 years or a maximum fine of 2.5 billion. Still on the same page, types of electricity use violations are divided into 4 groups.


Let's see the 4 types of violations that fall under the Control of Electricity Usage (P2TL).


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