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How to Calculate Amperes to Watts
25 November 2022

Get to know the Ampere, Volt, and Watt Units in the Electrical System


You may save more money and energy by calculating the voltage to determine how much electricity is required by the electrical equipment you are using. Prior to this, we should understand that there are three types of electrical units that are interconnected, namely Amperes, Volts, and Watts. To be able to calculate Amperes to Watts, first you have to understand each of these electrical units. Here's an explanation.


Definition of Amperes, Volts, and Watts


1. Ampere


Ampere is a power unit used to measure electric current. Specifically, this unit measures the number of electrons flowing past a given point per second. A common analogy that is suitable for describing how Ampere works is like a water hose. Amperes are similar to water flowing through a hose, the more volume of water flowing per second, the stronger the current. In this case, the more electrons flowing past a certain point per second, the higher the Ampere.


2. Volt


For Amperes to flow you need Volts. In the hose analogy, the Volt is like the air pressure in the hose. Pressure or force causes water to flow through the hose. So, the Volt is the great force each electron has that allows it to flow. If the Ampere unit is calculated based on the volume of flowing electrons, then the Volt measures the pressure that causes these electrons to flow.


3. Watt


Amperes and Volts combine to produce Watt, the unit used to measure the amount of energy released. In the hose analogy, this is the amount of water that we get. It means, the higher the amount of water pressure and the more volume is flowing, so the more output or Watts will be produced.


How to Calculate Amperes to Watts


After understanding what Ampere, Volt, and Watt are, let's learn how to calculate Amperes to Watts. The following is the calculation formula.


Watts = Amperes x Volts


Sample case


To give a better picture, let's use the example of a household voltage case. The amount of electric power that is usually distributed for household needs is 220 Volts. Based on the formula, let's calculate Watt units if the electric power supplied is 1 Ampere.


1 Ampere x 220 Volts = 220 Watts


From this example, it can be seen that every 1 Ampere with an average household electricity voltage of 220 Volts can produce as much as 220 Watts. Most household devices usually only require around 1 to 3 Amperes of power, while higher-end electronic devices require around 6 to 8 Amps of power to operate.


So that is how we calculate Amperes to Watts. If you happen to still have some challenges in the calculation, feel free to use an online voltage calculator.


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