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Here’s How You Can Tidy Up Your Cables At Home!
05 November 2021

As time goes and technology advances, it’s hard to go by each day without using any technological devices. Especially since one person may use 2 to 3 gadgets at once. Not to mention the electric appliances used at the same time at home.


Can you imagine how messy the cables could be if it is not organized properly?


Its such a shame if your house has been arranged nicely but there are cables scattered all over. Not only it is not a nice sight, it may also be dangerous to those at home. Therefore, it is important to know how to tidy up these cables in your home.


How To Tidy Up Your Cables At Home Easily


To keep your home free from tangled cables, here are some steps you can follow.


1. Using a PVC cable cover


If there are a lot of cables at home, you may use a cable cover made of PVC to tidy them up. These cables can stay hidden to give the impression of a neater room.

To keep it aesthetically pleasing and minimalist, you may pick a small size. Not only does it tidy up your cables, it also protects it from rodent bites.


2. Using cable ties


Another way is to tie your cables. You may do so by using cable ties available online with affordable prices and a range of colors. You may pick certain colors to help categorize the different cable types as well.


3. Using cable clamps


Using cable clamps is one of the most common ways to tidy up your cables. With a clamp, messy cables can be easily organized to stick on wall corners to keep it hidden. This will help your house interior looking nice while staying safe.


4. Using cable boxes


Another easy method to keep cables tidy is to use cable boxes. Same as the PVC cable covers, these boxes can help hide unruly cables.


You may also use these boxes to keep plugs or terminals to help keep the room free of messy cables. Did you know? You can also make these on your own with shoe boxes or empty tissue boxes. Pretty creative, no?


5. Unleash your creativity


Want a unique home decor? You can also use these cables as decor whilst also tidying them up. To do so, arrange these cables on the wall with a clamp.


You may shape them however you like such as buildings, trees, or any other shapes. Not only will this keep your cable tidy, this will give the room a unique flair.


Those are some ways you can tidy up your cables. Considering cables are an important component of power sources, you must also pick the right cables to use.


Don’t choose the wrong cables since it might even be harmful to you. One of the quality cables is none other than our products at Wilson Cables. With its 3 times faster extinguishing rate, easy application, it is also made of 99,99% pure copper. Get all these benefits at Wilson Cables. For those of you looking for electrical cables, check out our online store. Don’t forget to visit our page for more information!


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