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5 Types of Antenna for Digital TV
04 May 2022

5 Best Antenna Type Recommendations For Digital TV


As technology advances in this modern era, a lot of people seek to convert to digital TVs from analog TVs. However, apart from these changes, both types of TVs require the same antenna, the UHF antenna. This antenna functions to transmit signals to provide a clear display, sound and wider reach.


If you are looking for the right TV antenna for your needs, here are some digital TV antennas you might need to know to consider before picking the best one for you.


1. The Yagi-Uda Antenna

The Yagi-Uda Antenna is a popular choice used by many people even until today. This type of antenna consists of directorial elements responsible for catching signals, reflectors used to minimize signal movements to prevent disturbances, also driven elements functioning to change radio signals to electronic creating images and sounds for television. A few benefits of this antenna type is its affordable price, gain that can be adjusted as needed, and can be used at high frequencies.


2. Grid Antenna

The grid antenna consists of a reflector made of a grid of parallel wires which acts as a polarizing filter as well as a reflector. The gain and beam width of the grid antenna are similar to those of a parabolic antenna. This antenna can pick up telephone and television signals, wireless WAN/LAN links, and communication signals transmitted by satellites.


3. Parabolic Antenna

A parabolic antenna is shaped like a bowl and must be pointed in the right direction for a stronger signal. This type of antenna can be used to capture television, radio and cellular telecommunications signals. In addition, sometimes a parabolic antenna can also be used as a booster that is useful for strengthening the internet router signal for indoor applications.


4. Omni Antenna

Unlike other types of antennas which are complex in shape, omni antennas are as simple as an elongated rod. The advantage of this antenna is that it has a wider coverage because it can capture signals from all directions, even up to 360°. However, omni antennas can only be used in  small-scales and are usually widely used in office or school areas.


5. Indoor Antenna

The indoor antenna can only be used to connect to one television only. This type of antenna usually consists of a variety of simple shapes and smaller sizes. Unlike outdoor antennas, due to its fairly small range, indoor antennas are only good for capturing signals in residential locations close to broadcast towers, such as in urban areas.


Basically, both analog and digital TVs use the same type of antenna to capture signals, but the its frequency point. Therefore, if you are looking for the most appropriate antenna for digital TV, choose the antenna type based on the location of your home because each antenna has a different ability to pick up signals transmitted from broadcast towers.


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