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6 Reasons Why Using Quality Power Cord is Important
26 January 2023

The Benefits of Using High-Quality Electrical Plug Cables


You've probably heard or read the news about electronics explode unexpectedly. Some of the incidents may have even hospitalize the users itself. Make sure that these things don’t happen to you.


The most common cause of this incident is caused by the usage of an uncertified extension socket or what is known as a non-standard power plug cable. Using fake electrical plug wires also can damage your electronics when used for a long time.


The electronics in your home should last a long time if you use a standard electrical plug cable. Below are several reasons why you should use a standard power jack cable.


1. Power cords don't melt easily


Even though you are used to using electrical plugs, there are a number of habits that could cause the wires to melt and finally catch fire. You need to be careful when dealing with melted electric plug wires because it can endanger yourself and others.


This incident can also trigger an electrical short circuit, even a fire. Therefore, it is very important to buy quality and standard power plug cables.


2. The quality of the power plug cable according to standards


It is highly recommended to buy goods that have received SNI certification or the Indonesian National Standard. This can help you to find quality power plug cables that are safer to use.


SNI is a standard set by the government for products produced in Indonesia. SNI will be given in the form of a stamp on every item that meets the standards set by the government. There is a serial number of the certificate issuance which can be checked in the government website.


You better avoid using power plugs that don't have the SNI logo because most likely, the quality of the power plug cable is not guaranteed so it can be very dangerous when connected to an electric current.


3. Avoid overheating


The current in fake power jack cables are ascertained to be very unstable. Sometimes the amperage is too high and sometimes it is too low. Most probably it is caused by the lack of wire or transmitter. This may certainly be very dangerous for your electronic goods.


If you use fake power plug cables continuously, it will make electronic items potentially overheat or heat up easily and eventually damage these electronic items.


4. Electrical plug wires are not easy to peel off


Electrical plug wires that comply with the standards, of course, will not peel off easily. Exposed electrical wires can be bad for you and your family. If the power plug cable is peeled off, there will be a risk of electric shock, short circuit and fire.


Therefore, if you find a power cable that has been peeled off, you should not use it again. You must immediately replace it with a new cable.


5. Strong cable layer


Quality and standard power plug cables are definitely made of the best materials. These materials make the coating of the electrical cable stronger and not easily deformed. In addition, a strong layer of electrical plug wires will protect it from the risk of being bitten by rats or other animals.


6. Have NRP


The last point that you should pay attention to in choosing a standard power jack cable is the presence of an NRP. NRP is Product Registration Number (NRP). NRP is an identity number issued by the Directorate of Standardization and Quality Control of the Ministry of Trade for domestic products. It is certain that these products are guaranteed safety.


Those are some reasons why you should have to use quality power plug cables. You must start using high-quality electrical plug wires right away if you want to prevent different risks, including fires and short circuits.


If we are still unsure about the quality of the plug cables on the market, we can make them by ourselves, of course, using SNI standard components, from sockets, plugs, to cables. We can use Wilson Cables with NYM type to make these plugs, why Wilson Cables, because all Wilson Cables products are SNI certified.


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