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Getting to know AC and the Concept of Electric System Currents!
08 February 2022

Get to know AC and the Concept of Electric System Current!


Definition of Alternating Currents


An alternating current (AC) is a current that changes its magnitude and polarity at regular time intervals. Other than that, they can also be defined as an electric current that repeatedly changes or reverses its direction, in contrast to direct current or Direct Current (DC), which always flows in one direction.


In alternating current, the charged particle moves from the zero point, increasing to the maximum point, decreases back to the zero point to complete one positive cycle. Afterward, the particle will reverse its direction and reach a maximum point in the opposite direction, then return to zero again to complete the negative cycle. Therefore, it is referred to as alternating current, due to its continuous current cycle.


Alternating Current Production


Alternating current can be produced using a device called an alternator. However, alternating current can also be generated by different methods using multiple circuits. One of the simplest ways to create alternating current is to use a basic single coil AC generator consisting of two-pole magnets and a rectangular loop of wire.


In this application, the AC generator follows Faraday's principle of electromagnetic induction which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Meanwhile, alternating current will be supplied through the equipment connected to three wires, namely the hot wire that transmits power, the neutral wire that provides a return path for electric current in the hot wire, and the third wire that is connected to metal parts to eliminate the danger of electric shock.


Application of Alternating Current


For decades, alternating current has had the advantage that it is more widely used than direct current. This is because alternating current can transmit power over long distances without losing a lot of energy. Even today, alternating current systems are still used to deliver power from generators to meet the electricity needs of every home.


In the distribution scheme, the low-voltage alternating current generated from an electric power plant will be increased to a high current using a device called a transformer, and then supplied to a substation. Then, before being sent to homes or office buildings, the alternating current voltage will be lowered again at the distribution substation to a level that suits the needs of each user, which is generally 220V. Well, we often use this electrical power every day to power various electronic devices such as refrigerators, televisions, computers, cellphone chargers, and so on.


Almost every home in the world today uses an alternating current electronic wiring system. This is because direct current systems are not ideal for this purpose, as more power is lost due to heat as they are transmitted. In addition, when compared to alternating current, direct current also has a higher level of fire risk, is more expensive, and has problems when converted from high voltage and low current to low voltage and high current.


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