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Anticipating Short Circuits And Handling It At Home
05 November 2021

Causes and How to Anticipate an Electric Short Circuit


Short circuits may happen in one quick moment, where its fatal risks may be a fire breaking out. In fact, short circuits are the number one cause of fires in Indonesia. While you surely wouldn’t want such mishaps in your home, let’s discuss how to anticipate short circuits at home.


Losses caused by short circuits can be massive, to the point of death should the short circuit cause fires. Before discussing on how to handle short circuits, here are some of the causes of short circuits.


Causes of Short Circuits


Understand the causes of short circuits as a prevention method. Here are some of the points:


1. Cable damages


One of the causes of short circuits are old cables. Furthermore, cable damages may also be caused by rodent bites. This may then cause short circuits due to electricity entering the system with insufficient capacity.


2. Sockets exposed to water


This may be caused by leaks from the ceiling causing water to enter the electrical system.


3. Unsuitable cable size


Each cable has its own capacity to conduct electricity. If the cross-section of the cable holds an electric current that is greater than its capacity, it is very likely to cause a short circuit.


Anticipating Short Circuits


After knowing what may cause short circuits, next is knowing how to anticipate it. This is crucial to avoid unwanted incidents.


If there are signs of short circuits, do the following:


1. Fix the electric socket


If you wish to do it on your own, open the electric socket with a screwdriver and voltage detector. Next, once it is open, separate and tape each end of the cable. Next, you may replace the electric socket.


2. Fix or change electric appliances


Short circuits may also happen due to your appliances at home! In this case, it is best if you immediately fix or replace the damaged appliance. To check, contact a professional electrical technician. If, for example, the technician detects a damage on your fridge, it is best to fix or replace your fridge.


3. Contact professionals


Sometimes the core of the problem may be challenging for us to identify on our own. Electrical problems must not be handled carelessly. If you fail to identify the problem, immediately contact professionals or Wilson Cables to fix it for you.


Once you have identified the problem, make sure you don’t pick the wrong cable. Choosing the wrong cable may also prove to be fatal. Our products at Wilson Cables provide an insulator with a 3 times faster extinguishing rate in cases of fire.


Furthermore, it provides easy application and is made of 99,9% pure copper. Get all these advantages by using our products from Wilson Cables. For all your electrical cable needs, visit Wilson Cables in our online store. Don’t forget to visit this page for more information!


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