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3 Steps to Design a Precise and Safe Home Electrical Installation
15 September 2021

Safe and Precise Steps in the Electrical Installation Process at Home


Imagine living a life without electricity, we certainly can’t live comfortably and productively.  It has been proven that electricity has become our primary needs. The last thing we want in our daily lives is a power outage and disruption to our daily routines, therefore electrical installation and safety features is a crucial aspect that we need to understand.


Here are some tips and advise on how to construct an electric panel installation


1. Design Drawings

Prior to all installation, electricians should plan ahead by calculating the total electricity requirement, the number of rooms and determine all the electrical points (lighting, power sockets, air conditioning, switches, water heater, etc) will be located. All these planning will need to have a drawing as guidance and documentation.  


On a side note, having an accessible installation area will ease future needs for maintenance and repair.


2. Know The Amount of Electric Power

Every electrical installation will require a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB). This one particular item serves as a security in the event of an overload or short circuit conditions. We recommend trusted and branded products for your MCB parts.


To determine the appropriate MCB, it is necessary to confirm the total amount of electrical power required at a particular building or house, such requirement may be calculated in Watt or Volt Ampere.


3. Use the Right Electrical Material

Thirdly, material quality contributes a significant impact to the safety of your electrical installation. Cable wiring and the supporting components directly related to electricity is crucial. Never compromise with cheap and non-standard items.


Statistic shows that there are still many fatal accidents especially fire disaster caused by non-standard electrical components and cables.


Therefore, it is crucial to use material that are approved and labelled by The Indonesian National Standard (SNI) logo for your safety and comfort of your beloved family.


We highly suggest to always consult your Electrical Installation needs to an expert or to Wilson Cables, simply because we care.


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