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6 Tips to Avoid Rat Bites on Electrical Wires in Your Home
01 March 2022

There is a natural reason why rats often bite power lines. This is because rodents have teeth that continue to grow. Just as humans have to clip their nails to prevent them from growing too long, rats of mice have to keep chewing something to stop their teeth from growing. In addition, the circular shape of a cable attracts rats even more because it will be easier for them to bite. Apart from being used to slow down its teeth growth, rats also often use pieces of wire to make their nests.


Unfortunately, the habit of rats that often bite the cable does not only disrupt the electrical installation system, but can also pose dangerous threats such as malfunctions and electrical failures, which can trigger fire or short-circuit. Therefore, for the safety of your family and yourself at home, never underestimate the damage caused by rat bites. Here are some easy steps you can try to prevent rats from biting the electrical wires in your home.


6 Tips to Avoid Rat Bites on Electrical Wires in Your Home


Close and Seal Gaps

Keep in mind that rats have the ability to squeeze through small gaps. Therefore, make sure you seal tightly any small holes around the house to block the entrance for mice.


Clean the House Regularly

Some places such as attics or warehouses are spots that are most often used by rats to make nests. Regular cleaning will disturbed rats that are hiding and nesting, this will make the rats feel disturbed and prone to leave the place.


Use Cable Protectors

In order to keep the cable safe from unwanted damages, use a hard cable protector such as PVC or steel. Other than preventing rat bites, cable protectors also function to protect cables from other unwanted factors such as weather damage or water spills.


Cut Tall Trees

Rats does not only enter your house through holes on the ground, but also from the roof. To avoid this, cut down tall trees around your houses that might gave access to rats through the branches.


Check Cable Regularly

Trust me, rats can enter and nest in your home at any time when you are not alert. To make sure the cable remains safe, you can check it periodically. In addition, this step is also useful for early detection if there are damages to the electrical installation in your home.


Install Mouse Ultrasonic Repellent

The simplest way you can prevent rats from nibbling on the wires in your home is to eliminate their growth by using a rat repellent device such as ultrasonic waves. This tool emits a high sound pitch that disturb rats, evicting rats from the premises.


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