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Avoid Your Electric Bills From Skyrocketing!
08 November 2021

Have you ever felt irritated by an electric bill that is growing larger and larger by the month? Have you tried everything to save energy at home? Or you felt like all this time you have saved all you can but to no result?


It is clearly hard to avoid using electricity in this day and age. Not to mention how it helps with household chores, but of course bills don’t always come cheap. Rather than surprising yourself with a swelling bill each month, here are ways you can save on your electricity bills.


Smart, stress-free tips to save energy


Saving energy is no easy task, especially for those of you with an abundance of electronic appliances. A high electric bill each month is definitely a given.


One of the ways you can help reduce your bill is through saving. You may need to implement this habit to all members of the family, especially if one of them has a bad habit of excessively using electricity. Contribute together to reduce your usage of electricity.


Here are some tips you can follow:


1. Place Switches And Sockets Closer


This method is often used and gives significant results. By placing switches and sockets closer, allows you to use 1 conduit pipe for 2 installations: the switch and socket installation.


2. Check for leaks


In the process of installation, it is important to crosscheck each installation for any current leaks. You may use ampere pliers or any other similar tools.


Some causes of current leaks are imperfect cable splicings, or frayed insulators, causing the switch to not work perfectly.


3. Using the appropriate cable size


Using the right cable type is important in electric installations, if the size is not suited to its capacity, short circuits may occur. Therefore, pick the right cable in accordance to its needs.


You may look for any of your cable needs at Wilson Cables to avoid fatal risks and short circuits.


4. Unplugging power plugs when not in use


Appliances that are left running such as the fridge, rice cooker or coffee machine may cause your electric bill to skyrocket. If these items are not in use, unplug them. Such as rice cookers, dispensers and other appliances.


5. Using AC with a low temperature


ACs contribute largely to a swelling electric bill. Especially if you set the temperature level to its lowest, such conditions affect the bill each month and if you do not change this habit, it may cause the bill to rise each month.


6. Using fluorescent bulbs


Some houses use at least 6 light bulbs, mostly fluorescent bulbs. Although you may not realize it, these may be the cause of your swelling electric bill. If you’d like to save, opt for LED light bulbs instead.


That concludes our tips on saving energy in the long run. With Wilson Cables, you can find all your electrical cable needs. Purchase our cables from the marketplace, available on Tokopedia, Shopee and Bukalapak.


We hope our tips were useful and don’t forget to implement it to your daily life!


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