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Why Are High-voltage Cables Installed a Little Loose?
24 February 2023

Why Are High-Voltage Power Cables Installed a Little Loose?


Have you ever wondered why high-voltage cable used for electric power transmission are usually installed a bit loose? Some people might say that a loose high-voltage cables installation looks untidy. So, why aren’t the cables fastened tight to the poles?


It turned out that it is deliberately engineered in such a way to avoid some of the dangers that might occur if they’re installed them too tightly. Let’s take a look at some of the explanations: 


The Reasons Why High-voltage Power Cables are installed a little loose.


The first reason is that the installation of electric power transmission cables uses this method to avoid expansions caused by changes in temperature. When the outdoor temperature is hot, the electric wires that are placed in an open space can experience expansion or tension. 


The expansion itself is an event of enlargement of a substance due to an increase in temperature that occurs. An object can change its shape to increase in length, width, area, or change in volume.


When expanded, the high-voltage power transmission cables will increase in length, so there will be a potential voltage mismatch. Therefore, if the electric cables are installed too tightly, it will be risky as the hot weather could cause the cables to loosen up as the conductor expands.


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The second reason is, during the night, the temperature could get lower than usual and the electrical cables could shrink and cause them to get shorter than their normal size. Shrinkage is an event of contraction of a substance due to a decrease in temperature and this event could cause a cable to decrease in length, width, area, and volume.


Shrinkage that occurs inside the electricity cables that result in producing more voltage, is feared to trigger a rupture to the high-voltage power transmission cables. If the wires are damaged, then it can cause disruptions to the supply of electrical energy to every place. In addition to that, repairing broken power transmission cables could also take a long time.


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The third reason is, the installation of electric power transmission cables is engineered in such a way to avoid the electrical cables getting stretched out. Also, electrical wires that are exposed to direct sunlight can have a negative impact caused by the heat of the sun. 


When the high-voltage cables are exposed to heat from direct and continuous sunlight, the high-voltage cables will stretch out which results in voltage instability, this is one of the causes of a short circuit. However, if the high-voltage cable is installed tightly, then it too, would be dangerous as it becomes unable to adapt to high voltages. So the installation of electrical cables that are slightly loose is actually more beneficial to reduce the risk of expansion of the cables during the day.


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Those are numbers of reasons why high-voltage cables are installed a bit loose and one of them is for security and safety, especially during installation process where it’s the most crucial part.


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