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Understanding the Difference Between Medium Voltage and Low Voltage
22 March 2022

There are different standard voltage depending on the electrical items and the country you are in. The voltage has various values, starting from AC voltage of 110 V, 220 V, 380 V, 1000 V, 10,000 V and even up to its value in Kilo Volts (KV).


We will discuss the difference between MV (Medium Voltage = medium voltage) and LV (Low Voltage = low voltage) voltages. Anyone familiar with these two terms? In Indonesia, to make things easier, Low Voltage is a voltage below 1,000 Volts (1Kv), while medium voltage are usually applicable for industrial related, namely factories whose output ranges from 11-30 kv.


For more details, the following is a complete description of the difference between Medium Voltage and Low Voltage.


Know the Difference Between Medium Voltage and Low Voltage


Medium Voltage


Medium Voltage has a voltage of about 1000 Volts or 1 KV to 35,000 Volts or 35 KV. Medium voltage is connected from the substation from PLN to the distribution substation.


Applications using medium voltage are generally distributed to consumers who require large amounts of power, such as middle-class industrial factories that use numerous electric motors for production.


Medium voltage is distributed to consumers using a medium voltage network (JTM) in the form of a medium voltage overhead line (SUTM) that is tailored to the needs of consumers.



Low Voltage


Low Voltage (Low Voltage) is an electrical voltage with a range of 100 Volts to 1000 Volts. This low voltage is channeled through a step down transformer which is connected to consumers such as homes which generally use a voltage of 220 Volts. Cables used for distribution to homes using twisted cable or twisted cable.


Keep in mind that although it is classified as low voltage, this voltage is quite dangerous when humans have direct contact, because it can cause serious injury and even lead to death.


By knowing the classification of electrical cables, you can also understand the range of voltages in each class so that you can seek safety and be aware of various equipment that can be dangerous to yourself and others.


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