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Cable Usage Application for Submersible Pump
15 February 2022

No one can live without water. It is a basic need for humanity to support daily activities. Including washing clothes, keeping dehydrated, washing household appliances and many others. Water can be collected or transfered with the help of a water pump. Let us discuss in more detail on water pumps, to be exact, Submersible water pumps. Have you ever seen or heard of submersible water pump?


Submersible Pumps - Its Functions and Applications


In general, the function of a submersible pump is the same as other water pumps, namely moving water from one point to another. But there are differences between submersible pumps and water pumps that are widely used in households. If the water pump mostly sucks and pushes water to the surface, submersible pumps only pushes water up to the surface. The special feature of this type of pump is that it has a driving motor that is embedded with the pump body. In addition, submersible pumps are installed by being immersed in the water to be pumped, if the pump is operated without being immersed in water, it will be damaged.


Special Cable For Submersible Pump


In addition, there are other components needed for the pump to operate properly, the cable. The cable serves to conduct electricity from the surface to the submersed pump. Wilson Cable provides this cable specifically designed for submersible pumps which has high flexibility for easy application. Below is an example of a special cable image for a submersible pump:


submersible pump cable


Wilson Cables manufactures special NYMHY cable types for submersible pumps for easy application which is made of 99.99% pure copper.


That's a brief discussion of the application of using cables for submersible pumps owned by Wilson. Hopefully it is useful for Wilson's customer who reads this article and can be directly applied to your home for those who are going to install a submersible pump.


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