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Understanding the Electrical Wire Color Standards in Indonesia
22 February 2022

Did you know, different cable colors for electrical installation represents different meaning? Well, these colors serve to indicate the task and purpose of each cable. Therefore, understanding the meaning of color standards on cables is important and creates safety when installing, repairing, or replacing cables in your home electrical installation system.


Electrical cable color standards are usually classified according to the national standards applicable in each region. Therefore, keep in mind that the cable color standards in each country can be different. Today, we will focus on Indonesia, the cable color standard refers to the PUIL standard (General Electrical Installation Requirements) adopted from the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). In order to increase your knowledge about the electrical system, the following is a standardization of the color code of electric cables that applies in Indonesia.


Electrical Cable Color Standards in Indonesia



The black insulated electrical wire is used for L1 wires, and is usually applied to most household circuits. Previously the L1 cable used the red color standard, but was later changed to black after the PUIL standard was updated. The black cable is a positively charged phase cable whose job is to carry power from the electrical substation into the household or building, so never use a black cable as a neutral cable or grounding cable.



Brown cable are used for L2 electrical wiring. Previously, Indonesia used the yellow color as its standard and was applied as a power supply with larger needs such as commercial and industrial electrical installations. However, as of now, brown wires are usually only applied to machine operation.



Standard grey color is used for the positively charged L3 cable. Before being replaced, the PUIL standard used a black color standard for this type of cable. The L3 cable itself is an updated version of the L2 cable, and serves to supply greater electrical power for modern commercial and industrial needs.



The blue color wire is intended for the use of a neutral wire that is negatively charged or near zero. The function of the neutral wire is as a reference that carries the electric current in the circuit back to the original power source when there is a wrong or excessive current flow. Although it is not always electrified, make sure to be careful at all times.



Wires with a green-yellow color standard are used for the ground wire or grounding. This cable acts as a form of protection against unstable electric currents or leakage currents by sending them to earth. Therefore, the green-yellow cable serves as a path provider to send excess electric current to a safe place to prevent the threat of danger caused by electricity.


Color standards in electrical wiring are not a rule that can be simply ignored as cables are carries electrical power and have potential hazards that may be life-threatening if not handled properly. Therefore, learning to understand the meaning of wire colors can help avoid the danger of electric shock from connecting the wrong wires.


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