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How Electrical Stabilizers Work and How to Use Them at Home
03 January 2023

Electric Stabilizer: Definition, Function, How It Works, and Benefits


Currently, almost all of our needs in various aspects of life are always side by side with electronic devices, which of course require electricity as a source of energy in order to utilize these devices according to their functions.


Let’s say the technologies we use frequently in our daily lives such as telephones, computers, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators and others. Of the many electronic devices that we have, there are no guarantee that all devices are safe from any interference that may causes damage.


All types of household electronic devices we used requires electricity. However, the electricity that we use is not always in a stable state, both the voltage and current. As we know that unstable electricity can damage the components within the electronic devices. Therefore, we need a tool to maintain the stability of the electricity, namely the Stabilizer. Using a stabilizer is the best way to keep all electronic devices connected so that electricity can be connected stably and safely.


Then what is meant by Stabilizer?


Stabilizer is a tool used to maintain voltage and electric current to remain normal or in a stable condition. Often the flow of electricity becomes unstable due to various factors, such as disturbances and weather changes.


Please note that every electronic device requires a stable supply of electricity to work normally. The normal electric voltage in the majority of households in the world is 220 Volts, if the voltage is less or exceeds that value, the electric voltage is considered as abnormal and unstable. This unstable electric current can cause damage to electronic devices which reduces the age of electronic devices.


Electrical stabilizer function


As discussed briefly in the explanation above, not only does it stabilize electrical equipment but it also functions to prevent power surges that may occur any time. Unlike the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), the stabilizer can only create a stable voltage without storing the voltage when the electricity from the PLN or electricity provider goes out.


How does an electric stabilizer work


The stabilizer uses a way of comparing the input current from the PLN voltage with the output current going out to household electronic devices. When there is a decrease or increase in the input voltage, the stabilizer will work to stabilize the output voltage to match the needs of these household electronic devices.


The advantage of using an electric stabilizer


From the previous explanations regarding its functions and uses, there are many advantages that we can get if we use a stabilizer in household electronic devices, including:

  1. Extend the life of electronic devices.
  2. Prevent excessive power surges.
  3. Prevent electric short circuit.
  4. Maintain the home electrical device's parts.


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