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5 Ways to Save Electricity and Avoid Increasing Bills
27 January 2023

Tips for Saving Electricity to avoid a rise in Electricity Bills


Currently, humans depend on electricity as a source of energy. Modern technology depends on electricity to operate.


However, the use of electricity in large quantities and continuously will certainly have an impact on the costs incurred. Therefore, many people are making an economical effort in attempt to lower the cost of their electricity bills. So, how can you reduce your electricity usage to prevent an increase in your electricity bill? Check out some tips below: 


1. Use energy-efficient lighting

Currently many industries produce lamps with lower energy consumption, with a brighter light compared to the lamps that were produced before, this is an effort undertaken to reduce both the costs and the amount of electrical energy used.


LED lamps are another name for energy-saving lamps. LED lights can still work at their best with greater power. One way to lower the cost of your electricity bill is by using LED lighting.


Furthermore, LED lamps have a longer lifespan than halogen lamps. This LED light may last for up to 50,000 hours.


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2. Turn off unused electronics


Turning off or unplugging the power cord from electrical gadgets that aren't in use is one of the simple things you can do to save energy and lower your electricity bills.


For example, when you finish watching TV, you often turn it off only using the remote control, and leave the cord plugged into the power switch. Electricity will still flow in the cable making your bill increase. 


3. Use the AC timer


Due to our proximity to the equator, Indonesia has a tropical climate, which means that the weather is constantly hot. It is not a surprise that many individuals ultimately choose to use air conditioning at home or in public settings.


The use of an air conditioner can be very helpful in hot weather. However, many people often forget to turn off the air conditioner when the room temperature is already cold enough. The use of air conditioners can also make electricity increase significantly. 


Therefore, you should set a timer every time you use the air conditioner. The timer also works when you forget to turn off the AC so that later the AC will turn off by itself. Of course, this method will effectively reduce your home's electricity bill.


4. Use high-power electronics efficiently


You can use various electronic equipment more wisely so that the use of electrical energy is more efficient. This is one the ways on how to save electricity so you can reduce your electricity bill.


For example, you can use the washing machine when the laundry reaches the recommended capacity, rather than washing it multiple times. You can collect dirty clothes from other family members and then put them in the washing machine together.


Another example is the use of air conditioners. You can maximize the usage only when you are together with your family.


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5. Clean the freezer regularly


The next tip is to clean the freezer in your refrigerator regularly to save electricity. It's time to clean your freezer if there is already a lot of ice build-up within. Excessive ice in the freezer will make the refrigerator work harder than usual, which makes your electricity bill increase. Thus, cleaning the freezer is very crucial.


Those are some tips that you can do to save electricity to avoid an increased in electricity bill expenses. Furthermore, saving electricity also teaches us to be wiser and more responsible in using the natural resources that we have at the moment.


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