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5 Tips On Keeping Your House Safe From Short Circuits
09 November 2021

Keeping Electrical Wires Safe at Home To Avoid Short Circuits


Generally, electric cables function to conduct electricity to all corners of your home. Each home has a set of cables with different functions. However, each function must be judged from its risks and safety. Using the wrong cable may prove to be fatal.


There are also aspects to pay attention to such as the tidiness of its installation and far from reach, to avoid disrupting mobility at home. In this article, we will discuss tips on how to keep your cables safely installed at home.


Tips On how To Install Cables Safely


1. Avoid hanging cables


Avoid installing cables by hanging it, since it may be pulled accidentally and cause harm in the future. Furthermore, such conditions may also potentially damage other items. Make sure there are no hanging cables in your home to avoid any unwanted incidents.


2. Make sure there are excess load


Make sure you are not putting excessive load on extension cords. Each extension cord has its own maximum work load and it must be taken seriously. If you force it beyond its load, it may cause potential harm in the future.


3. Do not place cables under carpets


Do not place cables under carpets since this may disrupt the cable from releasing heat. Such conditions may evoke fires breaking out! It is best to find spots that are safe and suitable for the cable’s working conditions to avoid any mishaps.


4. Check the cables quality


The next thing you have to make sure of is the cable’s conditions. If you find a torn or damaged cable, replace it immediately. Surely this is done to keep the cables safe and avoid mishaps in the future. Always pick cables with good quality!


5. Recommended spots and proper tools


Place cables in a safe area far from reach from people. This will help avoid tripping over cables or tangling with other objects.


We may conclude that by picking the right cable plays an important role in keeping the cables safe in your home. Choose high-quality cables such as Wilson Cables. Our products have a 3 times faster extinguishing rate, made of 99% pure copper, easy application and also has digital printing with meter markings.


Don’t choose cables carelessly for your home installations! For more information or for purchasing our products, Wilson Cables is now available in the marketplace. Don’t forget to follow our social media to stay updated on discounts and other informations!


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