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Coaxial Cable: Definition, Types, and Functions
24 January 2024

What is Coaxial Cable, Types, and Functions


When it comes to communication technology and signal transmission, one component that often comes to mind is coaxial cable. This cable has become an integral part of television, internet, and other communication systems. In this article, we will get to know more about coaxial cable. Check out the full article below!


Definition of Coaxial Cable


Coaxial cable is a type of cable that consists of a main conductor, insulator, protective conductor layer, and outer sheath. This main conductor is generally made of copper or aluminium material which functions as a signal conducting medium. The insulator is made of dielectric materials such as plastic or polyethylene (PE), which serves to coat the main conductor to isolate the signal from the protective conductor layer.


Meanwhile, the shielding conductor layer often consists of woven copper or aluminium that serves to protect the signal from external interference. Lastly, the outer sheath of the cable is usually made of PVC or Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (PTFE) material to provide extra protection against the outside environment.


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Coaxial Cable Type


There are several types of commonly used coaxial cables, each with specific characteristics and uses. One of the most common types of coaxial cable is RG-6, which is widely used for cable and satellite television signal transmission. On the other hand, there is also RG-59, which is often used for transmitting video signals in security and monitoring systems (CCTV).


There is also an RG-58 coaxial cable that is often used in the scope of computer networks with impedance characteristics of 50 ohms. In addition, there is an RG-8 coaxial cable which also has an impedance of 50 ohms, generally used for transmitting data and radio communication.


RG-11 cable is a thicker variant and has better conductivity, often used for longer transmission distances. In addition, there are also fiber optic coaxial cables that use optical fiber as the transmission medium to deliver better performance in transmitting data optically.


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Function of Coaxial Cable


The main function of coaxial cable is to transmit electrical or electromagnetic signals from one point to another. One of the most common applications is seen in the transmission of television signals. Coaxial cables are used to connect an antenna or satellite dish with a television, bringing analogue or digital television signals to your home screen. In addition, they are also used in cable internet systems, where coaxial cables carry internet signals from the service provider to the customer's home.


In the industrial world, coaxial cables are widely used in security systems (CCTV). Security cameras are often connected using RG-59 or RG-6 cables to transmit video signals to recording devices or monitors. The reliability of coaxial cables makes them ideal for security applications, where signal integrity is critical.


In addition, coaxial cables are also used in data communication systems. For example, in computer networks, coaxial cables used to be used in Ethernet technology to transmit data between computers. Although it has largely been replaced by fiber optic cables or UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cables in modern networks, coaxial cables are still used in some special applications.


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Wilson Cables Provides Quality Coaxial Cable


Wilson Cables offers high-quality coaxial cables that meet the SNI (Standar Nasional Indonesia) for purposes such as television, antenna, satellite, and broadband internet. This cable has a frequency of more than 50 Mhz, become an optimal choice for quality audio and visual needs. With a pure copper main conductor, coated with PE insulators, using braided aluminium as a protective conductor, and a PVC outer sheath, this cable falls under the category of specialized electrical cables offered by Wilson Cables.


Today, coaxial cables have become an essential part of the modern communications infrastructure. With its ability to transmit signals reliably and with high quality, it continues to be used in a wide range of applications, from television to security and data communications. Understanding the types of coaxial cables and their functions provides a better insight into how this technology supports the connectivity we enjoy every day.

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