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How to Strip Copper Wires
27 December 2023

How to Strip Copper Cables Easily


Electric cables made of Copper is vital in the world of technology and electricity. Whether used in household electrical installations, computer networks, or other electronic devices, copper cables have good conductivity properties so that they are able to conduct electricity optimally. In order to maximize the performance of copper cables, the stripping process is a crucial first step in electrical installations.


These are several ways to properly strip copper cables to ensure the quality of the connection and its performance remains optimal.


Understand the Type of Copper Cable to be Stripped


Before starting the cable stripping process, it is important to understand the type of copper cable to be stripped. Copper cables can have different protective coatings, such as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), PE (Polyethylene), XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene), and also Teflon (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene/PTFE). Choose a cable stripping tool that is suitable for the type of insulation to ensure good results. Excessive or inappropriate cable stripping tools can also damage the cable and potentially reduce its electrical conductivity.


Prepare some necessary tools


Before starting the cable stripping process, make sure you have prepared the necessary tools and equipment. Some of the tools commonly used to strip copper cables include:


  • Stripping Pliers


Choose pliers that match the size of the copper cable to be stripped. This one tool usually has a sharp blade and can be adjusted to the outer diameter of the cable to be peeled.


  • Cable cutter


The cable cutter will be used to cut the cable into the desired length before the stripping process is carried out.


  • Pencil or marker


Used to mark the cable before peeling and facilitate identification of the part to be peeled.


  • Eye and hand protection


This tool is useful for protecting the eyes from small pieces that may slip off during the peeling process and protecting the hands from the sharp blades on the peeler.


How to properly strip copper wires


Below are some ways to strip copper wires that you can follow.


  • Determine the length of the cable to be stripped


Use a cable cutter to cut the copper cable to the desired length. Make sure the cut ends are neat and undamaged.


  • Mark the cable


Use a pencil or marker to make a mark on the cable a few centimeters from the end to be stripped. These marks help you ensure a consistent stripping length on each cable.


  • Use the cable-peeler with care


Place the end of the cable to be stripped inside the stripper. Make sure that the blade on the peeler is just above the mark you have given earlier. Press the peeler quite firmly but not excessively, then rotate the tool to peel the cable insulation.


  • Check the stripping result


After stripping the insulation, check the results. Make sure that the copper layer was not scratched or damaged during the stripping process. If any parts are still covered by the insulation, repeat the stripping process carefully.


  • Clean the end of the cable


After stripping the wires, clean the copper ends of any remnants of insulation that may still be attached. Use a small brush or soft cloth to carefully clean them.



By following the steps above, you can properly strip copper cables and produce clean for ready to use. This process is important to ensure that the quality of the cable connection and electrical conductivity are optimized for each application. Remember to always perform cable stripping with care and use protective gear to prevent the risk of injury.

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