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Ways to Choose a Good Cable for Solar Panels
22 November 2023

7 How to Choose Good Cables for Solar Panels


Solar energy is gaining popularity as an environmentally friendly renewable resource. The use of solar panels has grown rapidly in recent years, making a major contribution to global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and dependence on fossil energy resources.


However, when installing a solar panel system, one thing that is often overlooked is the selection of appropriate cables for solar panels. The right solar panel cable can make your solar panel operate optimally. We will discuss some of the important steps to choosing a good cable for your solar panel in this article. Let's take a look!


1. Understand the Current and Voltage Capacity of Your Solar Panel


Before choosing a cable, it is important to understand the current and voltage capacity of your solar panel. This information can be found on the panel specifications or the documentation provided by the manufacturer. The current and voltage capacity will help you determine the size of solar panel cable needed to optimize the performance of your solar panel.


2. Choose the Right Type of Solar Panel Cable


There are several types of cables that can be used to connect solar panels, but the two most common types are DC cables and AC cables. DC cables are used to connect the solar panels to the inverter, while AC cables are used to connect the inverter to your home's electrical system. Make sure to choose cables that are specifically designed for solar panels and meet safety and quality standards.


3. Pay Attention to Cable Length


Cable length greatly affects the resistance and power loss in a solar panel system. The longer the cable, the greater the resistance then the greater the potential power loss. Therefore, choose a cable length that matches the distance between the solar panels and the inverter while keeping the efficiency factor in mind. Cables that are too long may cause a decrease in overall system performance.


4. Consider the Cable Type


In choosing cables for solar panels, there are two main types to consider, namely copper and aluminum cable types. Copper wires are generally more expensive than aluminum wires, but they have better conductivity and are resistant to corrosion. On the other hand, aluminum cables are lighter and can be an alternative for efficient cable usage, but their size must be larger than copper cables.


The type of cable usually used in solar panel installations is the solar panel cable. On the other hand, you can also consider using NYAF cables for solar panel installation. However, the use of NYAF cables tends to have a shorter lifespan because the insulation material is different between special solar panel cables and NYAF cables.


5. Make sure the Solar Panel Cable is Weatherproof


Solar panels will be exposed to weather elements all the time, therefore it's important to choose cables that can withstand the environmental conditions where you live. Cables designed to be weatherproof can protect your system from damage caused by extreme weather.


6. Follow Standards and Regulations


Make sure the solar panel cable you choose complies with applicable standards and regulations. Cables that meet safety and quality standards will provide more protection against potential system failures and electrical accidents.


For Indonesians, the first requirement in selecting a quality solar panel cable is to ensure that it meets the SNI (Indonesian National Standard) requirements. The quality criteria to consider involves the ability of the cable to withstand various weather conditions.


This includes possible direct exposure to sunlight or the presence of the cable in a very humid room. In your selection, you can choose cables that can withstand extreme temperatures, ranging from -40 to 90 degrees Celsius. In addition, the cable should also be able to withstand commonly occurring mechanical stresses, such as compression, tension, pressure, and shear loads.


7.  Consult an Expert


If you are still unsure about choosing the right cable, consult a solar energy expert or electrician who has experience in this field. They can provide advice based on your system specifications and help you make the right decision.


In choosing solar panel cables for solar panels, it is important to pay attention to both technical and environmental aspects. By choosing the right solar panel cable, you can ensure that your solar panel system functions efficiently and optimally, providing long-term benefits to the environment and your energy savings.

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