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Picking The Right Cable, Don’t Make The Wrong Choice!
16 November 2021

Tips for Choosing the Right Cable for Your Needs


When planning a construction, cables are one of the top things to buy. Many different types and brands of cables are available on the market and also electronic stores. You’re yet to be familiar with the types of cables to use and this may be overwhelming.


To help you make the right choices, this article will be your guide. You may also seek help from professionals for this matter to avoid making the wrong choice.


Here are some tips from Wilson Cables in choosing the right cables by identifying its physical features for your household needs:


  • The external color of the cable is clear, glossy and shiny.
  • Printed using digital printing (does not bleed) with clear, big labels that are easy to read.
  • Meter markings to identify where to cut the cable more easily.
  • The cable clearly states its SNI license, type, brand, size, current conducting capabilities, and voltage.


Aside from visuals, you may also assess the quality of the cable from its texture such as:


  • The outer casing does not stick to the filler.
  • A thick outer casing that is tough to cut/tear by hand.
  • Filler with insulator that is easy to peel or clean, and there are no fillers sticking to the insulator.
  • There are no loose spaces between the conductor and insulator.
  • The conductor appears shinier.


Difference Between Good and Bad Cable


For a better understanding, you may see the difference between a cable of good vs. bad quality.


Good quality cable                                      Bad quality cable

White, shiny, glossy color                               Ivory white and non-glossy

Digital printing                                              Roller printing

Meter markings                                             No meter markings

Big labels                                                      Small labels

SNI license                                                    No SNI license

Outer casing doesn’t tear easily                      Outer casing tears easily

Outer casing doesn’t stick to filler                   Outer casing sticks to filler

Filler with insulator is easy to clean                 Filler sticks to insulator

Conductor and insulator tightly attached          Conductor and insulator is loose

Shiny conductor                                             Dull conductor


After reading the following guide, you’ll probably have a better understanding when it comes to picking the right cable to buy. But, it’s a no brainer that Wilson Cables has all the aspects of a good quality cable as mentioned above.


Cables used for your household needs are something you must pick seriously. If the cables used are not up to quality, it may also evoke short circuits. Therefore, choose quality cables like Wilson Cables with all its benefits, such as an insulator with a 3x faster extinguishing rate when on fire.


Furthermore, our cables have an easy application with materials made of 99,99% pure copper. Look no futher! Wilson Cables is available in the market for all your household electrical needs. Visit our page for more information!


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