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Reasons Why Air Conditioner Not Cooling Properly
07 February 2023

What Causes the Air Conditioner to Not Cool When Used?


The significant increase in the number of houses and buildings causing a mind-blowing decrease in green lands and a rise of densely populated settlements in most areas as a result of the constant development taking place in all region on the planet. In densely populated settlements, fresh air circulation inside houses is considered poor. This is inextricably linked to the impacts of global warming, which causes our population beginning to notice more and more in their daily lives.


With a constant hot weather that happens recently, the need for air conditioning continues to increase, especially in big cities. Once it was seen as a complimentary item, and now becoming a must-have item that every household or buildings should have. 


The usage of air conditioners must also follow the correct procedures so that they can function as it should be. But many Air Conditioner owners still don't understand how to use them properly, resulting in damage that can cause the air conditioner not working optimally in cooling the room temperature.


There are several things that cause the performance of the AC to be less than optimal in cooling room temperature that you should pay attention to, including:


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1. Inappropriate AC Remote Settings


Inappropriate AC Remote Settings


Inappropriate settings on the AC remote are one of the causes of less optimal AC performance to cool room temperature. Almost all AC remotes provide several modes, such as COOL, DRY and FAN, which each have their own respective functions and usage. To make the room temperature cool, make sure you use the COOL mode. In addition to the mode menu, there is also a menu for setting the level of airflow, starting from LOW, MEDIUM to HIGH. The recommended temperature setting is 21-22 degrees Celsius during the day and 23-24 degrees Celsius at night.


2. AC capacity does not match the area of the room


AC capacity does not match the area of the room


In an effort to reduce costs, we frequently utilize air conditioners whose capacity does not correspond to the size of the room. For example, dividing 1 AC with a power of ½ PK for two bedrooms, each measuring 3 x 3 m². This will only make each room do not get optimal cold air. An AC with a power of ½ PK is only enough for one room with a size of 3x3 m², if two rooms should use an AC with a power of 1 PK.


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3. Unstable Power Voltage


Unstable Power Voltage


AC requires more electrical power compared to other electronic devices at home. So if the electric voltage in your home is unstable, due to interference from the National Electric Company or from other electronic devices, this will certainly affect the performance of the AC. The solution is, you can turn off some electronic devices that are not in use so that the electrical power can be diverted to activate the AC.

4. Decreased AC pressure of freon


AC Freon Pressure Reduced


Freon functions as a cooling agent in air conditioners. Lack or running out of Freon can be one of the causes of your home's AC not working optimally. Therefore, do a Freon check if the air conditioner in your house starts to feel less cold. Normally, Freon only needs to be filled in about 4-5 years as long as there are no leaks in the pipes or other components.


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5. Room Conditions


Room Conditions


The condition of placing the air conditioner in a room that is directly exposed to sunlight affects the performance of the air conditioner itself. Thus, curtains are needed to reduce the heat coming from direct exposure from sunlight, so that the Air Conditioner can remain working perfectly.


6. Placing the AC machine in a Confined Place


Placing the AC machine in a Confined Place


The AC machine that is placed outside is an exhaust duct that produces hot air. If the machine is placed in a narrow area, the hot air produced cannot spread out, and this can interfere with the performance of the air conditioner and causes the Air Conditioner to not cooling properly. Make sure you place the AC machine outdoors and is open as well as wide enough so that the AC can work as it should be.


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7. Damaged Compressor


Compressor Faulty


The compressor functions as a regulator of freon circulation from the AC unit. Compressors that are 'old' can experience rust which causes leaks. If the compressor amperage is too high, which causes the compressor to heat up quicker and experience halt more frequently while cooling a room temperature.


Even though issues around Air Conditioner are relatively easy to fix, they can be extremely inconvenient. To prevent serious damage and maintain your AC’s ability to perform at its best in cooling the room, it is recommended to have it serviced every three months.


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