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6 Types of Cable Connectors and Their Functions You Should Know
24 November 2022

6 Types of Cable Connectors and Their Functions

You might be familiar with some cable connector from connecting devices to a power source. The most familiar connector that you might be familiar with is the USB connector, because this is commonly used. However, in more complex electrical systems, there are other different kinds of electrical connectors. In this article, we will share in more detail the other types of connectors available out there.


1. USB connector

USB (Universal Serial Bus) connectors are a standard type of cable connection for connecting two electronic devices over short distances. The USB connector allows two devices to connect to each other and transfer digital data via cable. In addition, this connector also allows you to supply electrical power to the devices which needs it. Some examples of devices that are compatible with USB connectors include cellphones, computers, flash drives, speakers, printers, and etc.


2. BNC connector

BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman) are commonly found in recording studios, due to their ability to synchronize various components easily and allow quality connections with minimal distortion. Currently, BNC connectors are mostly applied to connect CCTV cameras to television screens, especially those using analog cameras.


3. DC connector

The DC connector is a cable connection which provides direct current power from the power supply to the device. DC connectors can be either plugs or jacks, and commonly used for phone adapters and laptop adapters.


4. Banana Connector

This connector is called a banana connector because of the shape looks like a banana. It has another terminology called as a 4mm connector, simply because of its pin diameter connector length of 4mm long. Banana connectors are mostly applied as speaker cable connections because they provide a better connection, not easily detached, and have a good quality. In addition, one of the advantages of the banana connector is, it can pass high electric currents of up to 10A.


5. Coaxial Connector

Coaxial connectors are specially designed to provide greater protection for cables by offering a reliable and durable connection. On the inside, the coaxial connector contains a conducting wire which is usually made of copper, while the outside is protected by a double layer of insulation. Because of this design, coaxial connectors are able to allow fast signal transmission with minimal interference and commonly used to connect coaxial cables that carry high frequencies such as TV antenna cables.


6. Modular Connector

Modular connector’s works by having cables from a device’s outlets to various electrical devices such as telephones, computers, and ethernet cables. Because they were originally designed for telephone connections only, modular connectors are more commonly known as telephone cables. But nowadays, many people also refer to modular connectors as ethernet cables because they are often used to connect internet networks to computers or PCs.


Those are the various types of electrical cable connectors that you should know. All of these connectors have different functions and advantages, therefore each use needs to be considered based on the purpose and needs of your electronic device.


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