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How to Calculate KVA to Watts
25 November 2022

Get to Know Kva and Kw Units, and How to Calculate Them


Some electronic equipment does not always have the same power unit information listed on the labels. There are usually two form of labels, in Watts, Amperes or Volts. In fact, there are also devices that use kVA units. It is important for us to understand the conversion.


What are kVA and kW?


To be able to calculate units of kVA to Watts, you should know what kVA and kW are. In the electrical system, kVA or kiloVolt-Ampere is the unit used to measure the apparent power in an electrical circuit. In DC circuits, the number of kVA is the same as kW, such as apparent power (kVA) equals real power (kW). But this formula does not apply to AC circuits, because the calculation of kVA to kW is affected by the power factor.


Meanwhile, kW is a unit used to measure how fast electrical energy is transferred. When converted to Watts, 1 kW has the same value as 1,000 Watts. That is, if the amount of power transferred is 1 kW, it means that the value is equal to 1,000 Watts. If the amount of power transferred is 2.6 kW, then the value is equal to 2,600 Watts. To calculate kW to Watts, you just need to multiply the kW value by 1000.


How to Calculate kVA to Watts?


Now, after understanding the explanation above, let’s discuss about how to calculate kVA to Watts. As mentioned earlier, in DC circuits, the kVA value is the same as the kW value. This means that 1 kVA is equivalent to 1 kW or 1,000 Watts. Meanwhile in AC circuits, the apparent power (kVA) is not the same as the real power (kW) because it is influenced by the Power Factor.


Power Factor is the ratio of real power (kW) to apparent power (kVA) in a circuit. The Power Factor value in circuits can vary, but generally ranges from 0 to 1. The following is the formula used to calculate units of kVA to kW.


kW = kVA x PF


After knowing the formula, let's make an example calculation. If a circuit has a power of 1 kVA and 0.8 PF, we only need to multiply these two to get the kW value.


1 kVA x 0.8 PF = 0.8 kW


From these results, all we have to do is convert it to Watt units. Since 1 kW is equivalent to 1,000 Watts, 0.8 kW has the same value as 800 Watts.


That's how to calculate kVA units to Watts. Knowing the formula makes you easily figure out the Watt rating of any circuit or electronic device that bears the kVA label.


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