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Stainless Welding Method: TIG Vs MIG, Which Is Better?
10 May 2022

TIG & MIG, Which is the Best Stainless Welding Method?


Stainless steel is a popular building material and often used due to its durability towards corrosion. However, unlike any other metal, welding stainless steel has its own challenges. There are several factors you may need to consider before using this material for your projects.


What Is Stainless Steel?


Stainless steel is a type of metal consisting of iron and some chromium, the elements giving this material the ability to resist rust. The level of chromium found in stainless steel varies from 11%–30%, and this can usually affect its performance in different applications.


Due to its durability in extreme temperatures, this gives stainless steel a price 3 to 5 times higher than any other light steel. Therefore, welding on this material should be done with extra care to avoid mistakes that may affect its final result.


What Are The Methods For Welding Stainless Steel?


1. TIG Welding


TIG welding is known for its precision, making this method suitable for projects demanding a tidy and perfect welding result. While it may show impressive results, the TIG method proves to be a slow process and requires welders with expertise and skilled welding techniques.


2. MIG Welding


The MIG method is a better choice for works that do not prioritize aesthetics and the smoothness for its results, since this method aims for efficiency and cost savings. Welding stainless steel with the MIG method only requires simple equipments.


Which Is The Better Welding Method?


To decide the right method to weld stainless steel, the answer depends on the results you’re striving for. A few factors may need to be considered such as the expertise of the welders, the precision wanted, thickness of material, costs and the time on hand. If you are prioritizing aesthetics, the TIG method done by experienced welders may be the best choice. However if your priority is efficiency and speed, the MIG method will be more suitable.


Welding stainless steel may be challenging for those inexperienced. The tiniest mistake may leave a scratch that lasts. However this does not mean that this is an impossible task to accomplish. With the two methods mentioned above, you may weld stainless steel with a different result. To decide which method to use, make sure you have considered the factors above.


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