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7 Reasons Why Copper Is Often Used In Electric Cables
15 June 2022

Reasons Why Copper Is Often Used For Electrical Cables


For nearly 200 years, ever since electricity was first found, copper has become the first choice when it comes to the material transmitting electricity. Starting from construction devices, computers, to household appliances, nearly every technology and installation uses a copper electric cable. Which begs the question, why is copper so often used as a connector for electric cables? To find out the answer, keep reading.


1. A great conductor of electricity

Just like any other metal, copper is a conductor of electricity. However, what makes it the more popular choice is because it is the most effective conductor. With its low resistance, the electrons are free to roam around, causing the electricity to pass through the cable with ease and efficiency without any obstacle or losing too much energy.


2. Affordability

Copper electric cables offer two benefits at once, effectivity and affordability, making it the optimal choice for electric cable manufacturers. Although gold and silver may conduct electricity as well, both have a relatively expensive price. On the other hand, copper may conduct electricity better than gold at a more affordable price.


3. High flexibility

Aside from being affordable and efficient, copper is also a highly flexible material. In other words, you may twist and turn the cable with minimal risks of damage. This benefit makes it easy to apply on all sorts of areas such as walls, floors, ceilings, or even cramped spaces without fear of losing its power and efficiency.


4. Withstand heat

One of the bigger advantages of using copper electric cables is its impressive ability to withstand heat. This, of course, is very much different to aluminum cables that are non-resistant to heat and burns easily. Furthermore, copper’s thermal resistance doesn’t only avoid overheating, but also able to extend the usage period of cables since fluctuating temperatures are not an issue that can cause damages.


5. Withstand corrosion

Copper has a natural coat of protectant allowing it to be a resistant metal towards corrosion. This makes copper electric cables the perfect choice to use in all sorts of environments with a high moisture intensity such as villages, industries and sea atmospheres due to its durability towards corrosion.


6. Adequate source of power

Fortunately, copper is a metal material that has an adequate source of power. According to a survey by geologists, there are an abundance of copper under the surface of the earth. This surely helps maintain its affordability and ensures the supply for safe and effective electric cable needs in the future.


7. International standards

Copper electric cables possesses a safety standard acknowledged internationally. Hence, copper cables are readily available in all sorts of sizes, from small to big, and used universally since it is highly compatible to fulfill a range of electrical needs for a variaety of installations, electric appliances, homes, commercial or even industrial.


Wilson Cables is a company manufacturing electric cables, producing a range of high quality electric cables made of pure copper. We provide a wide array of choices for all your electrical needs, from building cables, automotive cables, electronic cables, and other special cables. If you have any enquiries or would like to know more, contact our customer service line through Wilson Cables’s official website.


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