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The Origin of the Neutral Wire (-) on Electricity
21 February 2023

Get to Know More About the Neutral Cable


Of course, we frequently hear the terms phase wire (+) and neutral wire while talking about electricity (-). It is known that the power plant supplies the phase wires, but have you ever thought of the neutral wires? What are they made of and how do they function? Let’s see how it made of and works.


The neutral wires itself is a wire that has no voltage, or the opposite of the phase wire. The neutral wire is identical to blue colour, in accordance with the standard for wire usage in the PUIL (General Electrical Installation Requirements).


Let's revisit the topic of where the neutral wires in our homes originated. The voltage from the generator enters the electrical distribution system at a very high level, thus it must be reduced gradually across multiple stages before it can be used for domestic purposes.


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Distribution Flow of Electricity From Generators to Consumers


The following is an illustration of the flow of electricity distribution from generators to consumers, both industry and households.


power distribution system


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The Process of Voltage Drop in Primary and Secondary Distribution Transformers


In the electricity distribution system there is a process of decreasing the voltage from the primary distribution of 20 kV to the secondary distribution with a voltage of 380 and 220 Volts. This process requires a Step Down Transformer which is a medium for lowering the voltage. In the Transformer, this is the origin of the Neutral cable that we are discussing.



electrical distribution transformer installation


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The process of decreasing the voltage that occurs in the distribution transformer is from 20,000 Volts/20 kV to 380/220 Volts. The voltage on the primary distribution of 20,000 Volts which consists of 3 phases (R-S-T) is reduced to a secondary distribution voltage with a nominal value of 380/220 V which consists of 3 phases and 1 Neutral (R-S-T-N). In other words, the Neutral cable comes from the process of decreasing the voltage that occurs in the transformer/ distribution transformer.


Thus, the discussion regarding the origin of the neutral cable, with blue as the standard for using a neutral cable regulated by PUIL, even though it is not conduct electricity, it is recommended to be careful and choose a cable that is according to the standard to avoid electrical risks at your home.

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