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Here Are the Components of an Electric Car and Their Functions
26 July 2023

7 Important Components in Electric Cars and Their Functions


Electric cars have become one of the main solutions in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Behind this innovative technology, there are various important components that work synergistically to drive electric cars with high efficiency and reliability. Below you will find some of the key components in an electric car and their functions. Let’s take a look!


1. Lithium-ion battery


The lithium-ion battery is the heart of an electric car. These batteries store electrical energy and provide the power needed to drive electric motors. The lithium-ion battery was chosen because it has a high energy capacity, lighter weight, and a good level of efficiency. This component allows electric cars to achieve sufficient mileage on a single battery charge.


2. Electric Motors


The electric motor is responsible for converting the electrical energy from the battery into mechanical energy to move the wheels of the car. These components usually use permanent magnets or electromagnetics to produce a force that rotates the motor shaft and generates rotational power in the wheels. With few or no moving parts, electric motors offer high efficiency and lower maintenance compared to internal combustion engines.


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3. Inverters


The inverter functions to convert the direct current (DC) from the battery into the alternating current (AC) required by the electric motor. By adjusting the frequency and voltage of the alternating current, inverters allow precise control over the speed and torque of electric motors. It also allows energy regeneration when the car slows down or stops and converts kinetic energy into electrical energy which is stored back in the battery.


4. Charger


The charger is in charge of recharging the electric car battery when it is connected to an external power source. The charger converts electrical energy from a home power source or public charging station into energy that can be stored in an electric car's battery. This charger also has a sophisticated security system to protect the battery from overcharging and ensure the charging process runs safely and efficiently.


5. Thermal System


The thermal system is another important component that monitors and manages battery performance. This thermal system can monitor the temperature, voltage, current and general health of the battery. Its function is to keep the battery operating within a safe temperature range, prevent overcharging, and optimize the overall battery life.


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6. Control System


The control system links all the main components of the electric car and ensures coordinated performance. This involves controlling the power supplied by the battery to the electric motor as well as managing other parameters, such as the regenerative braking system and energy distribution efficiently.


7. DC Converters


A DC converter is needed to convert the DC electric current from the high-voltage traction battery into a low-voltage electric current, so that it can be used by other components in electric cars that require low voltage. In addition, the DC converter also acts as a charger for the battery.


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So, electric cars are high-tech products that depend on the cooperation of the various components above. With continuous innovation, it is hoped that electric cars will continue to be a more attractive option in the pursuit of sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation. This explanation can at least be an important foothold in understanding how electric car technology functions and why it has great potential in changing human mobility in the future.

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