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Recognizing the Different Types of Welding Joints
26 May 2023

Welding is a process of joining two or more metals using heat and pressure to form a strong joint. Welding joints themselves have an important role in various industries, such as manufacturing, construction and repairing.


Before carrying out any welding process, it is important to choose the appropriate type of welding joint. This is because each installation process has a different connection design with the aim of getting the right connection results and meeting applicable standards or codes. Below you will find some of the most common types of welding joints.


5 Types of Welding Connections on Iron Pipes and Plates


1. Blunt Joint (Butt Joint)


A blunt joint is a type of connection that occurs between two metal ends facing each other flatly. The butt welding process involves heating the two ends of the metal and placing a welding joint (usually a welding electrode) between them. The advantages of butt welded joints are high joint strength and resistance to tensile loads. However, this connection can be more complicated in the process.


2. Corner Joints Welding


A corner joint occurs when two metals intersect to form a right angle or some other angles. The angle welding process involves joining metal edges and adding filler metal through welding. The advantages of angle welding joints are the ease in the welding process and the joints that are quite strong. This connection is commonly used in steel frame construction.


3. Overlapping Connections (Lap Joint Welding)


An overlapping joint occurs when two metals are stacked parallel to each other where one metal covers the other metal. The overlapping welding process involves welding on the closed side as well as possibly on the open side. The advantages of overlapping welding joints are the ease of workmanship and relatively strong joints. This connection is commonly used in the construction of sheet metal structures.


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4. Connection T (Tee Joint)


According to the Universal Technical Institute website, a T-joint is formed when two parts cross each other at a 90° angle. This results in the edges meeting in the middle of the plate and form a 'T' shape. The T-joint itself is considered a type of pin-welding joint and it can also be formed when a tube or pipe is welded to a base plate.


5. Side Connection (Edge Joint)


At this joint, object surfaces are placed together so that the edges are even. One object or both objects can be formed by bending it/them at a certain angle.


Welding is a very important technique in the metal industry and is one of the main methods of joining metals. Understanding the different types of welding joints allows us to choose the right method according to the specific needs of the project they are working on.


If one has a good understanding of the types of welding joints and the proper welding methods, one can create strong, durable, and safe joints, which can later become the foundation for various construction and manufacturing projects in various industries.


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