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5 Types of Light Fittings You Need to Know
28 June 2023

Get to Know the Light Fittings and Their Types


Light fittings are important components in lighting installation. This electric tool is the part that connects the lamp to the power source and allows the lamp to function optimally. There are various types of light fittings available, each designed to suit the needs of different types of lighting.


What is a Light Fitting?


The lamp fitting is an electrical device to connect the lamp and the electrical circuit so that it can light up. Fittings are also known as lamp holders which have an important role apart from being a place to install lights. One of them is to increase the security of its users. By using fittings when installing lights, it can avoid the risk of electric shock.


The lamp fitting itself acts as a link between the lamp and the power source. Without a fitting, the lamp cannot be turned on because it cannot receive electricity. The fitting, also known as the lamp housing, has a round shape with a narrow end. In this modern era, lamp housings have been designed in various models which vary greatly in shape, size and type.


Types of Light Fittings


The following is a detailed explanation of the types of light fittings that are often used:


1. Plug Light Fittings

plug light fittings

Plug lamp fittings are lamp holders that can be assembled and moved or portable. This fitting is an ideal choice for temporary use or when it needs to be moved. Lamp housings with plug fittings are very flexible because they can be used anywhere. This fitting is usually equipped with a plug or power outlet located at the end. To use it, this fitting only needs to be plugged into a socket. The lamp housing can also be disassembled or assembled according to user requirements. These features make plug light fittings considered very flexible by many users.


2. Chandelier Fittings


Chandelier fittings are a type of fitting that is commonly used to install chandeliers with a series connection pattern. This fitting is equipped with a string that allows the lamp to be hung. Chandeliers are often used in situations where a home or building does not have a ceiling mount fixture. In addition, the use of chandelier fittings is also often used for decorative purposes in various types of buildings such as museums, restaurants and dining rooms.


3. Sensor Light Fittings


Sensor lamp fittings are the latest breakthrough where the lamp housing is equipped with a sensor that allows it to function automatically. These fittings are often referred to as automatic light fittings. The sensor on the lamp can be adjusted as desired or specific needs. The sensor can detect darkness, brightness or even the presence of people. With this sensor, the lights can turn on or off automatically under certain conditions.


4. Ceiling Light Fittings

ceiling light fittings

Ceiling light fittings are fittings that are generally installed above and attached to the ceiling of a building. This fitting is often used in home electrical installations and is very popular in various types of buildings, both homes and other buildings. Ceiling light fittings are usually installed permanently with attention to the exact location. It is intended that the lights can illuminate the entire room properly.


5. Waterproof Light Fittings


Waterproof lamp fitting is a type of lamp holder which is generally installed in bathrooms or areas that tend to be damp. This fitting has the advantage of increasing the safety of its users, especially in terms of water resistance. Waterproof light fittings are usually designed using a special material, such as porcelain, for the place where the lamp is attached. In addition, this fitting also uses rubber material which has the ability to absorb water.


Thus, even though this light fixture is placed in a humid area or is often exposed to water, the electrical network will not be disturbed. That is, the electric current voltage will remain stable and safe. This security is achieved thanks to the use of waterproof light fittings.


Those are some types of light fittings that are commonly used. Selection of the right lamp fitting is very important to ensure the lamp functions properly and safely. When choosing a light fitting, be sure to pay attention to the type of fitting that matches the lamp you are using and the voltage required. If you are unsure, it is always advisable to consult an electrician or similar professional to ensure proper installation.


So, light fittings are a crucial component in lighting installations. By knowing the various types of light fittings available, you will be able to choose the fitting that suits your needs and creates optimal lighting. Hopefully this article is useful and helps you understand the types of light fittings.


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