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Know the Meaning of Car Cable Colors and Their Functions
29 August 2022

Various Car Cable Color Codes and Their Functions

When it comes to cars and driving comfort, there are many things that we can discuss. Starting from the engine, tires, wheels, exterior beauty, interior comfort and many other things. However, things that are often forgotten are small components that are no less important such as fuses, bolts, color meanings, safety spare parts, power cables and others. Seeing many cars catch on fire on the streets of Jakarta recently, did you know that one of the most common causes is improper use of electrical wiring and not using the right fuse when modifying a car.


We will discuss in more depth on power cable, which is an important component for the electrical systems for all motor vehicle to be working according to its function, especially if we like to modify parts that has electrical wiring such as horns, audio sound systems, exterior lights, interior lights and etc. It is very important to choose the right cable size based on the electronic installed for the car and to do the installation properly. Because if the cable does not match, this can cause fatality.


Please note, the power cord on the car has a variety of colors and different functions. In general, the cable serves to conduct electric current and to connect one part to another. The cable is one of the important components in the car's electrical circuit so that we can use the electronic functions in the car as it is applied.


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Cables with Single Color and their Functions


The following types of car cables and their functions can be studied.

  1. B (Black / Hitam) – As starting and grounding.
  2. W (White/ Putih) – As conductor of current in the charging system from producing electrical energy to the vehicle’s electrical system.
  3. R (Red / Merah) – To supply electricity to the lighting system, for example lamps.
  4. Y (Yellow/ Kuning- For the instrument panel.
  5. BR (Brown/ Coklat) - As an ECU signal cable.
  6. G (Green/ Hijau) - As an ECU sensor cable.


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Cables with Two Colors and their Functions


There are also other single color cables and cables with two colors that have different functions according to each automotive manufacturer or modification workshop, which are as follows:

  1. BL (Blue / Biru)
  2. LG (Light Green / Hijau Muda)
  3. O (Orange / Jingga)
  4. GR (Grey / Abu-abu)
  5. P (Pink / Merah Muda)
  6. SB (Sky Blue / Biru Langit)
  7. V (Violet/ Ungu Biru)
  8. TL (Silver / Perak)
  9. PU (Purple / Ungu)
  10. RB (Red Black / Merah Hitam)
  11. LW (Blue White / Biru Putih)
  12. GB (Green Black / Hijau Hitam)
  13. WR (White Red / Putih Merah)


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Some of the automotive cable colors above are just a few of those commonly used in low-voltage installations of automobiles and motorcycles. Wilson Cables is one of the company that produces automotive cables that use JIS, JASO, HES standards and accommodate automotive factories in Indonesia needs. As a certified cable manufacturer, we are committed in producing high quality electrical cables with pure copper cores to fulfill all the right electrical system needs for you.


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