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Can’t Start Your Motorcyle? Here’s 5 Common Reasons Why
17 May 2022

These are the Common Causes That Make the Motor Unable to Start


A motorcycle that has a hard time starting may be quite the hassle, moreover, this may be caused by several different problems. To understand why your motorcycle won’t start, we must first find out the culprit of the problem. Here are the most common reasons that may cause it.


1. Dead Battery


Out of all the reasons why a motorcycle won’t start, a dead battery is one of the main reasons. Signs of a dead or dying battery can be seen from lights that are dim or won’t even light up at all when you start your motorcycle. Usually, there may be factors affecting the short lifespan of batteries, such as quality, usage period and the way you ride. Thus, stay alert when your motorcycle starts showing signs of a dying battery so you can take immediate action.


2. Empty Fuel Tank


Aside from dying batteries, an empty fuel tank is another common reason for motorcycles that just won’t start. To avoid an empty fuel tank, make sure you take note of the fuel indicator before it reaches zero.


3. Damaged Fuse


If your motorcycle still won’t start even when there are no problems with its battery or fuel, there is a chance that the problem may lie in a damaged fuse. The signs of a damaged fuse can be seen in lights and honks that won’t respond, causing the motorcycle to not start. If this happens, immediately check the fuse and replace it with a new one if there are any damages on its parts.


4. Dirty Carburetor


Typically, dust and dirt may find its way into the fuel tank system in motorcycles. However, as time passes, these sediments of dirt may pile up and block the stream of fuel, impacting the carburetor and causing several disturbances such as an engine crash or motorcycles not starting. To avoid this, you may use filters and routinely clean the carburetor.


5. Damaged Body Cable


Another one of the reasons why your motorcycle won’t start may be a damaged body cable. There are usually several factors that may cause this, such as rodent bites, burning, or wedging of cables. A motorcycle’s body cable consist of a series of many different colors. If you find one of them damaged, you may fix it by reconnecting the damaged cable.


The reasons stated above are only the common reasons that may be the reason behind why your motorcycle won’t starts. Do remember that there may be other reasons causing this as well. The good news is that every problem in a motorcycle can always be seen through a sign, allowing you to identify the problem more easily. However, to avoid this, you should also provide routine care to your motorcycle’s engine to keep it in prime condition.


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