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Wilson Cables Electric Cables Rate per Meter
25 July 2022

Price List of Electrical Copper Wires per Meter from Wilson Cables


Electrical wires are important components needed in various aspects, from domestic to industrial needs. Without electrical wires, it may be impossible to transmit electricity to facilitate daily tasks and activities. Therefore, when looking for the right cables for your electrical needs, it is wise to do some research beforehand on its prices per meter to find out the best price with the best quality.


In this article, we will discuss further on the price range for electrical copper cables based on each category.


1. Building cables


Building cables are used in construction for nearly every commercial, industrial and housing properties. Building cables play a role in providing electrical currents from its source to the building such as wall outlets and lamps, which is usually transmitted using a safe cable management system and is protected through cable trays, cable ladders, raceway and such. The price per meter for building cables are considered affordable, for purchases by meter, you may check our online stores or contact us for bulk orders.


2. Audio cables


Audio cables send signals in order to produce sound and music. These cables are designed specially to minimize noise and disturbances that may disrupt audio qualities. The main role for audio cables is to connect the audio source, such as stereo or microphone, to speaker. A big part of audio cables are usually complete with electromagnetic protectants that function to prevent electrical noise that may affect the signal and reduce the emission of electromagnetic radiation generated from the cable itself. There are a range of prices for affordable electrical cables in the marketplace, one of them being Wilson Cables’ audio cables.


3. Automotive cables


Just like its name, automotive cables is a system of cables used for a variety of vehicles. The usage of automotive cables is to transmit electricity and provide the power it needs to a range of components such as lighting, AC, sensors, steering, and many more to allow the vehicle to function properly. This type of cable may be universal, but it is worth noting that using the wrong automotive cables for your vehicle may cause damages. To get the cheapest rate for your automotive cables, you may order them in bulk. To know more on the prices of our automotive cables for your cars and motorcycles, feel free to contact us.


4. Welding cables


Welding cables are designed to be used by electric welding machines to power the electrodes. The charge carried by these electrodes is needed to generate a heat source in the welding machine for the process to run smoothly. Unlike any other cables, welding cables are designed to be durable with high flexibility, considering this feature is crucial in a welding environment that is rather extreme where many risks may cause the cables to thin faster due to fire sparks, oil exposure, and more. It is no surprise that welding cables may be more costly compared to other types of cables. For more information regarding welding cables from Wilson Cables, feel free to contact us to get a quotation on the best price.


5. Telephone cables


Telephone cables function by connecting the circuit, or in this case landlines and PC, to a telecommunication network. This cable plays an important role in connecting and transmitting sound and data from one location to another. Although wireless networks such as Wi-Fi may be more popular, sometimes the use of telephone cables may be needed in office environments or in locations where wireless connections do not work well. The estimated price for telephone cables by Wilson Cables is pretty affordable. You can purchase our telephone cables through our online stores or you may contact us to get a quotation on the best price.


Wilson Cables produces quality electrical cables made of pure copper that supports all your electrical needs. The price of copper wires by Wilson Cables are affordable with the best quality. We provide cables of high quality with the cheapest price, ranging from building cables, electronic cables, audio cables, automotive cables, welding cables down to telephone cables. If you have any enquiries or would like to know further on our products and their prices, do not hesitate to contact our customer service line provided on our official website.


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