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How to Solve Electricity Tokens Failed to Enter the Meter
26 February 2024

How to Solve Electricity Token Failure to Continue to Enter the PLN Meter


Electricity tokens are one of the important keys in providing electricity supply for the home. However, users often experience difficulties when trying to charge electricity tokens, such as electricity tokens that fail to enter the PLN meter even though the numbers are correct. Well, in this article we will discuss several ways to solve this problem.


Causes of Electricity Tokens Failing to Enter the Meter


Below are common causes that cause electricity tokens to fail to enter the PLN meter.


1. Technical faults in the electricity meter


Failure to deliver electricity tokens to the meter can be caused by technical glitches in the meter itself. There may be damage to the meter's components or internal devices resulting in the inability to receive and record tokens properly.


2. Input error


Occasionally, errors in data entry by the user on the payment application may result in token delivery failure. Input errors, such as an incorrect meter number, may result in the token not arriving at the correct meter.


3. PLN server outage


PLN servers experience regular disruptions as a result of the electrical problems faced by this electricity service provider. Often, PLN needs to make repairs to overcome these technical problems. When the PLN server experiences problems, the process of distributing electricity tokens is automatically stopped and results in a failure in charging electricity directly.


4. Error in electrical installation


Unsuccessful delivery of electricity tokens to the meter may be caused by errors in the electrical installation. If this is the case, it is recommended to contact a PLN technician to inspect the damage and repair as soon as possible.


5. KwH usage limit exceeded


Apparently, there is a limit on the number of kilowatt-hours (KwH) in a month on the electricity token. If the number of KwH entered exceeds the maximum monthly limit, the PLN token will fail during input. This measure is implemented by PLN to encourage users to use electricity in accordance with the limits that have been set. By complying with the predetermined limits, users can gain an understanding of energy saving practices.


How to Solve Electricity Tokens that Fail to Enter the Meter


Here are some steps you can take to overcome the problem.


1. Ensure the data entered is correct


One of the most common reasons why electricity tokens fail to be inputted into the PLN meter is data entry errors. Make sure that the 20-digit electricity token number entered matches the information on the electricity token. Double check and make sure there are no typing errors that could cause failure.


2. Checking the remaining electric power


Sometimes, the token input process may fail because the remaining electric power has reached the maximum capacity. If the meter indicates that the power has reached a certain limit, the system will automatically reject the entered token. Therefore, it is important to periodically check the remaining power on the electricity meter and ensure that there is still sufficient capacity before attempting to input a new token.


3. Check the condition of the meter


Damaged or worn electricity meters can also cause failures in use. Make sure the electricity meter is in good condition and not damaged. If the electricity meter is damaged, immediately contact the PLN in your area for maintenance.


4. Checking the PLN server


It is important to check the condition of the PLN server network before charging electricity tokens as disruptions or system maintenance may cause charging failures. In the event of a disruption, users will need to wait until the PLN server network is back to normal. Ensure that the PLN server network is operating properly before charging the electricity token.


5. Contact customer service


If you have done the steps above but the electricity token still fails to be inputted, contact PLN's customer service immediately. They can provide assistance and more information about the cause of the failure of the electricity token to enter the meter.


You can do the phone service number 123. Enter the regional phone code followed by 123 and wait for the ringtone. After that, select the menu option to file a service-related complaint. Tell them that there is a problem with the failure to input the electricity token. The officer will check the recorded data and provide guidance, including further investigation in the coming days.


Advantages of Using Electricity Token Services


Electricity token services offer several advantages, including:


1. Easy and fast access


Purchasing and using electricity tokens can be done easily and quickly through various channels, such as mobile apps or nearby stores. This provides high convenience and accessibility for users.


2. Flexibility of energy use


The use of electricity token services gives consumers the flexibility to control how much electrical energy they use. By purchasing tokens as needed, users can effectively manage their energy consumption.


3. Predictable monthly bills


The electricity token pre-payment system avoids monthly bills that can become a financial burden. Users only pay according to their needs, reducing the risk of overspending.


4. Real-time monitoring of energy usage


Consumers can monitor their energy usage in real-time through the electricity token system. This will be helpful in realizing electricity usage patterns and identifying areas where electricity savings can be implemented.


Therefore, in dealing with electricity tokens that fail to enter the meter, it is important to stay calm and follow the right steps. If the problem persists, then communicate your issue with PLN customer service. Understanding the common causes of electricity token failure can also help you to avoid similar problems in the future.

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