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Your Backup During Power Outages
24 May 2022

Your Backup Power During Power Outages from PLN

People are made restless by mass blackouts that usually last for hours, or even days. Power outages often occur in some areas that take place at night or during the day. This makes it difficult for people to carry out activities, such as filling water, cooking rice, or simply just being in the dark at night.


To anticipate power outages, here are some tools that may help substitute power in your home.


1. Generator Set (GENSET)

A generator set can serve as a backup power source in cases of power outages. Generator sets for homes are typically available in 2 options, generator sets powered by fuel and generator sets with solar fuel. Generator sets for homes are created with simple designs, allowing it to be placed just about anywhere and easy to move around. Furthermore, the parts are also easy to obtain, making it easy to maintain.


If there are any downsides to home generator sets is that it has a relatively loud noise with high vibrations. It also causes a lot of pollution in terms of air and noise.


2. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

UPS is a hardware appliance that functions to supply electricity when the main power source unexpectedly shuts down. Inside the UPS is a battery that is able to keep power sources. When electricity flows inside the appliance, it automatically fills up the battery until it is full.


UPS plays an important role as backup electricity, although it lasts only a few minutes. Even so, UPS may help prevent damages to electric appliances when the power source shuts down unexpectedly.


3. Solar Panels

Another choice of backup electricity is none other than the solar panel that can be installed on the roof of your home. Solar panels can convert solar energy into electricity. By installing solar panels, you may also reduce electric bills in the long run and is also eco-friendly with minimal pollution.


Some of the cons of solar panels are the costly installation fee and its intermittence. In cases of uncertain weather conditions, the solar panel does not guarantee a constant supply of solar power. If it rains or skies are cloudy, the energy supply may not be enough, causing the electricity production in solar panels to slow down. Solar panels are also unable to absorb solar energy at nighttime. Therefore, installing solar panels may also require battery technology to save electric energy.


At the end of the day, there are pros and cons to every option of backup electricity. If you’d like to install appliances for backup electricity, it must be suited to your needs and budget as well.


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