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Let's Find Out More About Electrical Circuits!
27 October 2023

Get to Know About Electrical Circuits, Their Functions, Types and Formulas


Electrical circuits are one of the basic things that need to be known in the world of electronics and electricity. This circuit is used to direct the flow of electricity from a power source to various electronic devices in an electrical system.


We will review some important things related to electrical circuits. Let's take a look!


Definition of Electrical Circuit


An electrical circuit is a series of electrical components connected together to form a certain path such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, and various other components.


When these components are properly connected, electricity can flow in the desired way, driving electronic devices and performing the desired functions.


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Electrical Circuit Function


Electrical circuits have several important functions, including:


  • Electricity flow control


Electrical circuits are used to control the flow of electricity and ensure that the electric current follows the desired path.


  • Signal processing


Electrical circuits are often used to process signals, whether in the form of voice (audio) or other communication signals.


  • Voltage and current regulation


Electrical circuits can be used to regulate voltage and current according to the needs of the connected device.


  • Digital logic


Digital electrical circuits are used in various computerized electrical applications, including systems in mobile devices.


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Types of Electrical Circuits


There are various types of electrical circuits, including:


  • Series circuit


Series circuit


In a series circuit, the components are connected in order. Electric current flows through each component in this order. This circuit has no branching which means that the electric current only flows on one path. Series circuits have the same amount of electric current (I), with a different voltage (V) at each resistance (R).


  • Parallel circuit


Parallel circuit


In a parallel circuit, the components are connected in parallel and branched, different from the series circuit which is installed sequentially. In a parallel circuit, the electric current (I) flowing in each component / barrier (R) is different, while the voltage (V) is the same.


  • Mixed circuit


Mixed circuit


In simple terms, this circuit is a combination of series and parallel electrical circuits whose use can be adjusted as needed.


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Electrical Circuit Formula


1. Series Electrical Circuit Formula


In a series electrical circuit, generally, the value of the electric current flowing has a similar portion. In other words, the amount of current entering the circuit is equal to the amount of current leaving the circuit.


Series Electrical Circuit Formula


2. Parallel Electrical Circuit Formula


Different from the series circuit, the strength of the electric current in this circuit will vary. This is especially true in each branch through which it passes. In a nutshell, each branch in the circuit will have a value that is inversely proportional to its current magnitude.


Parallel Electrical Circuit Formula


3. Mixed Electrical Circuit Formula


The formulas for mixed electrical circuits apply the principles that apply in series and parallel circuits.


Mixed Electrical Circuit Formula


Having an understanding of these definitions, functions, types, and formulas, you can design, understand, and create or repair various electrical circuits in a variety of electronics and electrical applications.


Electrical circuits are an essential element in the world of modern technology and electronics. Learning the basics is an important first step in understanding and working with various electronic devices. Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the basic concepts about electrical circuits.

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