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Understanding PVC Cable Insulator and its Features
08 March 2022

PVC is an important element that is often used in product manufacturing, including electrical cable for its insulation. By using PVC material on its outer layer, the cable becomes protected from various external factors, users are protected from electrical charges and standard colors can be added as an information to users. 


For more details, here are some information about PVC cable insulators that might be helpful.


Understanding PVC Cable Insulators and its Features


What is PVC Cable Insulator?

PVC, or the abbreviation of Polyvinyl Chloride, is a thermoplastic polymer material. Meanwhile, PVC cable is a cable whose core is coated with PVC material. The PVC layer is specifically designed to provide protection because it has a versatile function, namely as an insulator so that the cable is safe to touch, makes the cable more durable and has good resistance to water, heat, and chemicals.

PVC cable insulators are widely used in a variety of applications, from household appliances, home electrical wiring, mining operations, circuit wiring, to various other products that are sensitive to extreme temperatures.




What are the Characteristics of PVC Cable Insulators?

Each PVC material used in cable insulation has its own characteristics that can be adapted to the needs of its users. Here are some examples:


1. Cold Resistance PVC: Cold resistance PVC is known for its resistance to extreme cold temperatures, even below 0°C.
2. Heat Resistant PVC: Heat resistant PVC is able to withstand extreme temperatures up to 90° C. 
3. Oil Resistant PVC: Resistant to oil and chemical exposure, oil resistant PVC is widely used in various industrial and manufacturing applications.



What are the Benefits of PVC Cable Insulators?

PVC cable insulators have very high versatility. Here are some advantages of using PVC cable insulators for various applications:


1. Flexibility: Due to its versatility, PVC cable insulators can be used for a variety of different needs, easy to recycle, and can also be modified using additional plasticizers. The ability to add plasticizers and other chemicals is what makes PVC cable insulators widely used to meet various industrial needs.

2. Extreme Durability: It's no secret that PVC cable insulators are very sturdy and durable. PVC cable insulators are an execellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion, chemicals, heat and water overtime.


3. Guaranteed Safety: PVC cable insulators offers safety. Due to their excellent resistance and durability, this makes PVC cable insulators able to increase their suitability in a variety of sensitive environments and extreme conditions.


4. Adaptability: Due to its versatility, PVC cable insulators are widely used for a variety of different applications, from small-scale applications such as households to large-scale applications such as industrial manufacturing. Due to its adaptability, various commercial products such as electric motors, power transformers, and panel boards also use PVC.


PVC cable insulators have excellent resistance to corrosion, impact, abrasion, weathering, and even chemical decay. There are no other material that can offers such benefit compared to PVC for cable insulators. Check out Wilson Cables Indonesia for good quality PVC electric cable products.  




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