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The Different Types of Cables And Their Uses!
22 November 2021

Electricity is a core need that is often used in our daily lives. Starting from household appliances such as air conditioners, televisions, fans, and many more that requires electricity so that it could be used in accordance to its functions.


If there are no electric cables, we may not be able to enjoy the appliances’ functions to the fullest. Did you know? There are a range of types of electric cables. There are NYA, NYAF, NYM, NYMHY and NYY cables. Are you familiar with these types of cables?


Although there may be a lot of you who understand the different types and uses of electric cables. But, each cable is different with its respective application!


The 5 Most Commonly Used Cable Types And Their Functions


To understand the different cables further, here are the types of application based on the cable types.


1. NYA Cable


NYA Cables are made of a single core of copper and coated with one layer of PVC insulator. This type of cable is often found in home installations and aerial cable installations. To use NYA cables safely, it is best to accompany it with a PVC pipe as a protectant.


Some examples of NYA cable application are electric sockets, switches, lamps and installations in ceilings (inside PVC pipes). You may also use NYA cables for an electrical control panel.


2. NYM Cable


This type of cable is usually found in homes and buildings, with one to four cores, complete with a PVC insulator. The presence of insulating materials makes the NYM cable flexible to use in both dry and wet places, and also giving a good level of security.


NYM cables are usually used for outdoor or roadside lighting, installation in ceilings and many more.


3. NYAF Cable


This type of cable has a core of fine copper, a single core and coated with a single coat of PVC insulator. NYAF cables are highly flexible due to its fine copper contents, making it suitable for electric panel installations that may require a lot of bending.


NYAF cables are prone to fraying, so it is not advised to use these cables in outdoors, both wet and dry. NYAF cables are usually used by companies in the electrical panel production industry.


4. NYMHY Cable


NYMHY cable is a multi core cable made of fine copper with a PVC insulator, used for home electrical appliances below 900 watts. NYMHY cables consist of 3 parts, the conductor, inner insulator and external protectant that is also made of a PVC insulator.


Examples of NYMHY cable uses are electric socket terminals and home water pump wiring in dry areas.


5. NYY Cable


NYY cable is a multi core, PVC insulated cable created for permanent installations installed inside the ground, or in open outdoor conditions with extra protection such as duct, PVC pipe or steel pipes.


What you need to know is that the material of this cable’s insulator has a stronger construction with a more expensive price. Furthermore, the insulator material used on NYY cables usually come with a protectant from mouse bites.


Examples of NYY cable uses are reservoir water pumps, installations planted in the ground that connects the main panel to the dividing panel, or planted in a tray often used by electrical contractors.


This concludes the different types of cables that you may encounter in daily life. With the descriptions above, we hope that you may use this as reference for cable installations.


If you are in need of cables such as NYA, NYM, NYAF, NYMHY and NYY, look no further. Wilson Cables readily provides all these cables with the best quality and an array of benefits. Wilson Cables makes application much easier, with digital printing and meter markings, and our cables are made of 99,99% pure copper.


What are you waiting for? If you’re in need of cables, Wilson Cables is your answer. Don’t forget to visit this page to find more details!


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